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  • Originally posted by johnfoss View Post

    I often get the same impression. I think dirt riders have more fun.
    The good thing of road cyclists is that they are so fast that they are quickly out of view again, so let them feel high and mighty.
    Unicycling is like sitting high and mighty on a throne. Ignorance is bliss.


    • I have got real good experience with MTBikers indeed.

      Perhaps the lower difference in speed (compared to road cyclists ) plays a role as well?


      • Originally posted by m00ms View Post
        i found that most walkers would say hi or give some impressive comment but cyclists seam to be very serious and either completley blanked me or look at you like "what the hell or you doing that for"
        Interesting, because cycling commuters in Oslo are generally some of the most positive people I meet with regards to unicycling.


        • MTBers might be more technical than road riders and because of that recognise more that unicycling off-road can be quite a challenge.
          I think in general I get more comments from Mountainbikers than by road riders


          • A passing jogger noted "well, that increases the degree of difficulty". How true he is, perhaps explaining part of the motivation for riding unicycles.


            • My neighbor walked past me in the park. "I see you're having challenges, today."

              I had just spent a couple minutes trying to mount into a one-footed idle with both hands holding the seat. I kept dismounting after only a few idles.

              I am not sure how to interpret the comment, "I see you're having challenges, today." The cynical side of me thinks that most onlookers only experience unicycling through the lens of success/failure. They don't know what one-footed idling looks like, but they do know the difference between getting it and not getting it. Maybe it just looked like I was having a bad day.

              Later on, a woman in a parked car said, "Impressive." Not a particularly impressive quote of the day, except for the fact that I've received the single word "impressive" comment half a dozen times, and every time it was a woman. Do guys say "impressive"?

              Guy: "Impressive!"
              Me: "Quit staring at my package!"

              Anyhoo, I was a bit annoyed by the woman's "impressive" comment, because all I was doing was riding forward when she made it. So, as if to say 'oh, you think that's impressive', I hopped a curb, stalled on the sidewalk then rode backwards off the curb. Not even a particularly good trick, but better than just riding.


              • Or...
                Your neighbour knows you well enough to realize that you weren't as successful as you wanted to be right then.
                The woman in the car was genuinely impressed as you were doing something that most can't.

                ...and ya, I say "very impressive" when I say it and I sure as hell aint looking at no package.

                You're reading way too much into it, but hey that's human nature.


                • "I see you're having challenges, today."

                  In a somewhat similar vein, I was half-way through my ride and was busy free mounting to head back when a neighbor who had seen me before said, "I am surprised you are still at it."

                  My reply was "So am I".


                  • Originally posted by Canoeheadted View Post
                    Your neighbour knows you well enough to realize that you weren't as successful as you wanted to be right then.
                    I was not frustrated. I was not expecting to do any better. I knew I was practicing something at the edge of my abilities. So, I was, in fact, as successful as I expected to be. It may have appeared to be otherwise, however. BTW, I practiced the same technique again yesterday, and I was able to idle for more than 20 seconds. The huge improvement happened, but not without having to endure the inept stage witnessed by my neighbor.

                    In other news, yesterday I ran into a neighbor in the park, an 18 yr. old young man, a neighbor and classmate of my daughter from elementary school. We have had several long conversations in the park. Yesterday, however, at one point in the conversation he stepped closer to me, put his hands on top of the unicycle seat and said "I think I want to ride your unicycle." Luckily, I had my 5mm tool. I was riding my 300mm long-neck Equinox; I had to lower the seat all the way down. After experimenting with some launching spots, he found the pole for the basketball hoop and launched from there. I let him use my helmet.

                    I told him not to launch until he felt somewhat relaxed. Without any prompting, he rode with one hand on the seat handle. I think that had something to do with the saddle. I have an Impact Naomi saddle on my 20". It doesn't have a lot of padding. He must have sensed the need for extra stability.

                    Anyhow, within 10 minutes, he had ridden the distance from the pole to the edge of the blacktop, 12-15 feet. He rode in a slow, controlled fashion. I think that had something to do with his hand on the seat. He had no awkward dismounts (because of the hand on the seat, I think). I was so stoked, I offered to lend him the unicycle until he could find one on CL. At the last minute, he declined, telling me that unicycling seemed pretty hard. I wish I had told him that it took me a few days of practice to get as far as he did in 10 minutes. Maybe he'll change his mind.


                    • Rode past a lot of cyclists today and most are courteous and call out saying "Passing on your right" etc. I can also hear sometimes when they're calling out obstacles for others in their group too like water for flooded path or cyclist for someone they're going to overtake. Best one was "Half bike!"
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                      • Originally posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
                        My neighbor walked past me in the park. "I see you're having challenges, today."
                        "Yes, it's called a unicycle."
                        John Foss

                        "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


                        • "Weight saving!"

                          Shouted by a guy on a fancy carbon road bike while I was on my 36er. His whole bike is probably lighter than my wheel
                          Unicycling is the fountain of youth.


                          • Yesterday I was riding on the sidewalk. Across the street, on the sidewalk, was a woman with two dogs. I heard her exclaim, "Unicycle!" Her dogs reacted and started barking. Then she said, "Shh, it's only a bicycle. It's okay, just a bicycle."

                            So, she knew the word unicycle, but she used the word bicycle when talking to her dogs. As if their brains were too small to process unicycle.

                            Previously in this thread, I complained about my next door neighbors doing the same thing with their 2-3 year-old kid. The mother used the word bike 3-4 times in 10 seconds while talking to the kid about what I was riding.

                            Parent: "Look, a bicycle."
                            Me: "Where's my other wheel?"


                            • Originally posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
                              The mother used the word bike 3-4 times in 10 seconds while talking to the kid about what I was riding.
                              Lots of the old Schwinn ads I've seen call a unicycle a "one wheel bike", and (round the world tourer) Ed Pratt called his a "bike". I'm OK with it.

                              And to stay on topic, here are a couple quotes:

                              - from a passing car, this invent-your-own-quote: "..... [something totally unintelligible] THAT UNICYCLE [more unintelligible noise] ..."

                              - while on my 36: "You've lost a wheel!"
                              me: "but it's twice as big!"
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                              • I have had plenty of “you lost your other wheel” comments from MTB riders but finally got a “your missing half your bike” comment recently. He was very proud and amused by his comment hehe! We had a laugh together as i zipped past at about 12mph
                                For the most part, if you want to be cool, you might want to avoid unicycles. But if you want to ride unicycles, you're into a different kind of cool. We are not sheep! (Foss, 2017, p. 93)