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  • I was doing some unispins when two bikers rode by and one said to the other: did you see that man, he just did a tailwhip on a unicycle.
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    • From a pedestrian:

      "Are you enjoying that?"

      Art is a misspelled rat.
      "The unicyclist is the purest form of rebel"


      • "Nice uni-trike" - a little girl who I passed on her bicycle.
        "Cobra on my left, leopard on my right!" -Jim Morrison


        • "You're the coolest guy I know!"...from some kid who doesn't know me.
          - 4umfreak

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          • I had a retired Marine tell me that I was "Fucking Hard Core" riding my geared 36er along side a few thousand of our two wheeled brethren in the Hike, Bike, & Paddle (HBP) on Memorial Day (of all days) to which I responded "That is an honor coming from a Marine. Thank you Sir for your service."

            I also got to ride a mile along side Jerry Abramson (former Mayor of Louisville, current Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky). He had seen me ride in other events and had lots of nice thinks to say about my unicycle. I took the opportunity to thank him for all that he has done for cycling in our fair city. Without him, we would not have the HBP or the paved (rails-to-trails) Louisville Loop.
            My greatest fear is that, when I die, my wife will sell all my unicycles for what I told her they cost.


            • So I was on the last half mile of an hour's circuit of local green lanes, and riding down the main road through my village.

              I heard a man say, "You've lost your bike!" and I tutted irritably to myself.

              Then I heard a woman respond, "Yes I have!"

              I looked across and saw a woman walking along the footpath towards the man. She was carrying a cycle helmet!

              Then she saw me and pointed saying, "I want one of those," to which the man replied, "He's only lost half of his."

              Which somehow breathed fresh life into a tired joke.
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              • Great comments!

                Thanks for sharing them.

                Had some nice comments last time we rode with our 24"s (hand in hand most of the times, now that i'm balanced enough so i can hold onto someones hand while riding and she feels more comfortable when she can hold onto someone while riding). Positive reactions everywhere, i'd like to try that sometimes etc.
                btw. one of my coworkers has ordered a uni and will try to learn riding, mounting, stopping, and all the things you can do with a uni in the next month.


                Wichtig ist nur:
                "Beim Auffallen nicht Umfallen,
                beim Umfallen nicht Auffallen."

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                • I was doing a street performance yeesturday and a little boy shouted out "Why doesn't he do anything easy?"

                  That made me smile
                  very creative sig.


                  • After being followed for a bit by a big truck the driver rolled down the window and shouted, "Do you need some money for the other half?".

                    I should have said "Yes!".
                    - 4umfreak

                    Geagle Search Engine a inspired search engine. (kh longneak vs shortbeak)


                    • I volunteered for 2 hours at Madison's Ride the Drive today, from 10-12. It was a fun morning, and I went for a pleasant 40 mile ride after I finished volunteering.
                      Due to the nature of the event, several inquiring minds wanted to know about the unicycle, if it had gears, what the handlebars were for (I tend to think that's a dumb question) and if it was hard... And several got bummed out that I was passing them
                      I saw two other unicyclists among the masses before I ate lunch, but they didn't see me, unfortunately.
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                      • Similar, but different...

                        Originally posted by 4umfreak View Post
                        "You're the coolest guy I know!"...from some kid who doesn't know me.
                        I was out riding my local trail and was told: "Well, you're the coolest guy on the trail today." (That being despite the fact that I was quite warm from my inability to coast.)


                        • sharing a bicycle...

                          My buddy and I were out riding a different trail at lunch time on Friday when a cyclist said: "For a minute there I thought you guys were sharing a bike." Nope, just a nice Muni ride.


                          • Originally posted by colinoldncranky View Post
                            "Hey, can you fit a tow ball to it?"
                            That's frikkin' hilarious. Possible response: "Of course, and you can hang one of those plastic pairs of testicles from that!"

                            Originally posted by deadbeatpope View Post
                            "Are you enjoying that?"
                            That one would stump me. Late in a long ride: "No!" or "Not anymore..."

                            Reminds me of my favorite line from the movie Crocodile Dundee II, which is in response to "Are you actually enjoying that?" The answer, from a very native-looking Aboriginal guy eating a black, nasty-looking dead unknown thing, is "Nah -- needs garlic."

                            Originally posted by 4umfreak View Post
                            "Do you need some money for the other half?"
                            "Yes, my wife could always use some more money!"
                            John Foss

                            "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


                            • A bunch of comments I hadn't heard of yet today
                              "That's some serious talent Bro!"

                              And my favorite

                              "You ride it like a sir!"


                              • I rode my 36 to college today and as I entered the building a girl about my age or slightly younger jumped and screamed in horror. I wasn't close to hitting her or anything but it was a scream you'd get if you're about to die.

                                To date, biggest and strangest reaction to riding.