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  • photoshop actually. i could do better (i have a city and guilds in adobe photoshop & digital photography) but i just did it real quick.


    • Very nice. It would apply to a great number of instances outside unicycling, too!
      Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.


      • haha catboy

        yeah, nice slogan. i'd personally write 'dumbass' instead of jackass and keep the font the same while making 'dumbass' smaller like that other shirt design.

        i'll cook one up in photochop once i get home from work if you don't mind me revising it


        • Originally posted by alexmay
          i made my own design. what do you think?
          I'd enjoy wearing a shirt shaped like that, regardless of what's printed on it
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          • I flubbed a mount in the rain as some bicyclists were passing by on Stone Mountain. One of them said, "Some days it's just as easy to stay home."

            I replied, quickly enough for them to hear, "I'd ride a bicycle first if I just needed something easy."
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            • Little kids: "Look at the tricycles!!"

              Another odd one my friends and I have recieved is, "Oh--a one-seated bike!"....*shakes head*

              And it's REALLY amusing to ride along the boardwalk at night when all the intoxicated youth are out, and every one you pass says something to the effect of: "Oh fuckin' hell yeah!" or "unicycling rocks dude!". When in their normal minds, most of these people wouldnt come close to giving us praise. Ha
              No escaping Gravity


              • security guard noticing me about to mount my 28" uni: "is that faster than walking?"
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                • i made a better one, with a little help from

        's the other wheel
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                  • Went for a ride with my girlfriend around our local forest, her on a b*ke, me on 24". Just locking up the car this bloke walks past and comments "Are you really going to ride that round here?" to which I reply with a simple "Yep" and nod enthusiatically.

                    Bout 40 minutes later, we pass the same chap and his wife walking in the opposite direction when the bloke asks Rachel "Is he keeping up with you?"


                    I'm riding about 5 metres ahead of her!
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                    • PUni rider


                      • i got two nice comments while COkering around emmarentia dam yesterday afternoon

                        from a b*ker going the opposite way:"Rock On"

                        and from a kid (to her parents as i passed):"No hands! No nothing!!"

                        i also got a couple of bursts of applause and cheers
                        people were in a very good mood yesterday
                        must've been the public holiday
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                        • small kid yesterday "nice unicycle".
                          And 7 "where's your other wheel?".

                          I think I'm going to get a t-shirt printed saying "Actually I don't need another one. Sheep."

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                          • A unicycle is a bike without all the useless stuff.
                            Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.



                            • i have noticed that sometimes if i have to pass people on a sidewalk they are amazed and oohing and aahing, but they don't move over to one side of the sidewalk to let me through, as one would for a bicycle, especially if they're in a group. then i have to ride around them on the grass, and they just stand there, watching me go over the grass. i wonder why they do that...
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                              • Carson, MR addict
                                Do you ever get the feeling that someone has just made a pretty good joke, but it's gone right over your head, and you really have no idea what's going on?