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"Numero Uno" wins best film at MTB film festival!

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  • "Numero Uno" wins best film at MTB film festival!

    Last night my short muni film "Numero Uno" was shown to an audience of several hundred mountain bikers, along with 5 other shorts made by MTBers. Judging for the best film was done democratically by audience approval. People clapped, hooted and hollered the loudest for my film, so I won the best film award! Wow - just like getting an Oscar, and on the same night too. The prize was a cool camo Camelbak, which I'll use for sleath Muni. A bit more useful than an Oscar statue.

    You can download Numero Uno from until Thursday 03/03 - be quick! Thanks again to Drew for hosting the video on his site.
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    Awesome! Love the camo...


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      Congrads! Very nice!
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        Damn those are big sideburns....

        haha.. yeah! great stuff! Congratulations!


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          That link dident work for me, am I to late?

          Is someone going to upload it to this gallery?


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            The link didn't work for me either. If it's uploaded elsewhere, I'm keen to know!

            Congradulations on the video response!


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              "ChangingLinks" didn't work for me. Am I using it wrong? I'd love to see the award winning film!
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                Congratulations Tony! Is it the video you showed at the NZUNI weekend?
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                  Here is the right link.

                  That was really good. up those stuctures.Ypu can pedle so fast without crashing that you can get up some of those steep stucturers really easily. Im glad to see more Muni vids- most are trials. Keep it up!


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                    Excellent video.. I really enjoyed it!

                    Looks like you've got the skills to be one hell of a Rolling Trials competitor

                    Congratulations on winning best film at the fim festival... that's an awesome achievement!
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                      use for sleath Muni

                      stealth ...?

                      Nice vid.
                      Care to share the name of the trail location...?
                      (not in credits)

                      I like the 'XXX' and 'XXXX' signs

                      You must be going there quite a bit ...?
                      I noticed you had more than a few bikers watching you.
                      (win any money on bets ...?)

                      Who makes the mini pack you won ..?
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                        Awesome stuff Tony! Congratualtions - thats so cool to win best film award with a muni video at a mountian bike event!


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                          Nice job Tony. That's a pretty slick prize. It's nice to see a MUni guy win a contest over a bunch of MTBers.


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                            That's awesome! I really liked it.

                            Unis are so stealth. They make so little noise and people never seem to see me, even though I wear a hat with bright red ball on top sometimes and my bright orange sweat shirt.
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                              awsome video!it was the best 5 minutes id wasted all day.

                              that kinda stuff to ride on i can only dream about.Maybe somday................