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Cost of Schlumpf Geared Unicycle.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cost of Schlumpf Geared Unicycle.

    Originally posted by Klaas Bil
    That's what I was thinking too. On second thought though, that little button may not interfere with the crank at all. It may just move in the space 'above' the crank nut (the space that is usually covered by a dust cap if it hasn't fallen off) and only be attached to the shifting mechanism that runs from left to right all the way through.
    Hmmm, quite possibly...hopefully.
    Originally posted by Klaas Bil
    I think you only read someone wishing that that be implemented. I read that somewhere too.
    I thought I might have heard it from a friend of mine who has been in contact with Schlumf and actually came up with this whole idea of adapting one of their hubs. The memory is vague though.



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      Any square taper crank should work. The shift buttons screw onto a narrow shaft, and are locked in place with a set screw. The crank nuts have a hole in the center for the shaft to pass through. As Klaas thought, the shift button "floats" in the area normally occupied by the dust cap.
      When you purchase Schlumpf's tool kit, you get a metal tube that fits over the shaft to allow removal of the crank using a standard crank puller.

      I'm not suprised at the $1300 price tag. Sure, initial run is a complete uni with aluminum frame, but most of us want to update seats/frames/cranks, etc. When you eliminate everything else from the cost, you'd still end up at almost $1000 just for the hub. And don't forget the customs duty if imported into the US. That will be close to another $100.


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        Now that makes sense

        I wonder what the likelihood of an accidental shift would be when pedalling at high speed?

        $1300 US isn't too bad- most high end MUNis are around about that. And a Airfoil Coker would be pretty much close to that price in NZ. It might get quite expensive when you start rebuilding it onto a Coker though

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