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  • Magura HS22

    Does anyone know if the Magura HS22 will work in a standard Magura frame mount. Are the decent? Help I'm clueless on hydraulic brakes.

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    I'm 99% positive the only diff in the 33 and 22 are that the brake lever is differnet, and there is no pad adjuster on the 22

    The mounts will be the same for sure


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      oops see new thread. For Sale Maggie H-33....
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        Magura make/made the HS11, HS22, and the HS33 with the difference being just the lever, the rest is the same. I have a HS22 (broken now though) that was briefly fitted to my Muni and I have replaced just the lever with a HS11.

        The HS22 is no longer manufactured but the HS11 and HS33 is. The difference between the HS11 and HS22 is that the HS22 has a metal body, the HS11ís is plastic, the HS22 has two adjustment screws, the HS11 has one and the HS22 is the heavier of the two by quite a bit.

        I donít know much about the HS33 other than itís more expensive, it has a TPA knob and has a more powerful master cylinder than the HS11 and HS22 (which are the same power wise). Whether the extra power or the TPA is good for a unicycle I donít know but my set up is more than powerful enough for me and I donít think the TPA would be useful to me.

        Take a look here for info.

        Cheers, Gary