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  • Backwards Unicycle Riding

    I notice there is no specific string for this subject. Perhaps, there is but probably buried very deeply. Anyways, I am exhuming this topic, because I am really working on this skill at this point. I can do this, but not 100% solid and I need to also work on turning part. So, if anyone can do this skill or just interested in the topic....let have at it!!! Right here.

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    Don't just try to ride backwards. Look at a fixed point on the ground a few metres in front of you and ride away from it. Change this point of focus every few pedal strokes.

    Keep your body upright.

    Ride smoothly, not in a series of jerky pedal strokes.

    Wear a helmet while learning.
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      Riding backwards makes your pedals come unscrewed; it can happen pretty quickly, and ruin your cranks. Mix in lots of forward riding, and be paranoid about any slight creaking or weird feel.

      If you really want to just ride backwards, you can reverse your seat, so that the pedals will think you are riding forwards.


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        I’m at the beginning stages of learning to ride backwards. So far I’m getting the feel of a full rev backwards like super idling and just repeating it over and over.
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          i too have spent a little time trying backwards recently and had pedals come undone after first few runs so i removed / locktited them and so far they have not come undone again yet.

          i have been using a long wall so i can get going using the wall then let go once comfortable, i have managed 6-8 revs so far and seam to make progress each time i try.

          i had a few close falls at the start so i now wear elbow and helmet which luckily have not been needed yet.

          i look forward to hearing more on your progress and tips from others which im sure will help me too.


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            Pedal coming loose?

            Great point, Mrimpossible!! Yes. Always keep your pedal wrench handy if you are backwardsing a lot.
            Also, great job on "seriously" working on your backwards. Like for hours. This only happens when you ride more backwards and less forwards.
            As you know the left pedal has a unique threading direction. You don't? Well next time you replace them or try to tighten you will learn the hard way.
            (As, I have...duh!!! where's my left, where's my right?...always look for the front uni logo on your frame, or your seat!!!....but if you have quality pedals and will survive.

            Basically, that threading direction uses the normal rotation force(when you ride forward) to provide continuous tightening torque.
            However, when going backwards it defeats it and applies continuous unwinding torque.

            Let's do a pedal check:
            1.) Hold your unicycle and kick or bang(with your hands) on the left pedal.
            2.) Then do the same with the right pedal.
            3.) If you feel a difference in the thud or vibration, it is definitely "more looser" than the right.
            4.) So, take out your 15mm wrench and tighten it...better yet, clean the joint and use some blue loctite(if you never plan to remove use red/green loctite).

            Another check, while riding:
            1.) Feel or hear any kind of click?
            2.) Stop riding and check your pedal. At this point it is "really really loose".

            So, I want to give some learning advice to anyone interested in riding backwards, but let's collect some data, first:
            1.) Who wants to ride backwards?
            2.) Who has tried and given up?
            3.) Especially, MikeFule's advice....focus on stationary object behind you and do it... This is classic tight rope/slackline/walker/unicycle circus performer advice. Does it work for normal people?(..are we unicycle riders even normal?...hmmm...) Also, did you do this when first learning to ride forwards?
            4.) Who could care less about wasting precious road unicycling at 10 mph on their 36? (I'm always curious to know the ratio of flat landers to road riders?)

            So, bring it on you guys. I have a lot of "detailed advice" but I just don't want to be talking to the wall...or aimlessly tapping on my keyboard.
            BTW, any amateur videographers in L.A. who might be interested in helping me make vids?
            I used to fly RC helicopters(youtube: trexinvert) and making a video's? So much work!!!

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