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  • Seatpost questions

    I have a KH adjustable seatpost 27.2mm. The inside cross section is not circular. Is this the case for all KH adjustable seatposts? I recall having a 25.4mm post in the past that had a circular cross section.
    Curious if this is for weight savings, and when and if they are still being produced. I think I've read somewhere that bikes had this for longitudinal compliance..?

    Second question:
    I have an aluminum M4O frame. I just noticed my seatpost is a bit short when I raise my seat for use with my shorter cranks. Insertion is approximately 4.5cm. The slot in the frame is about 5cm.
    If I use this for road riding (including hard uphills where pulling on the seat is required), would this likely be okay? I've ridden it like this for a while before noticing... With longer cranks for muni, it is inserted approximately 2.5cm further.

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    Originally posted by unicycleharry View Post
    Insertion is approximately 4.5cm. The slot in the frame is about 5cm.
    My rule of thumb has always been that the seatpost must cover at least the whole slot. But If you don't abuse it too much, it might be OK.

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      Okay for a single ride (someone taller borrowing a uni), but not long term, is what I would say. Seatposts are relatively cheap, frames are not.
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