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It was just was just a slight oversight...

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  • It was just was just a slight oversight...

    I thought of putting off changing the position of the pedals to even out the wear on the tyre but I thought, "no, I need to take care of my unicycle an perform the maintenance". Unfortunately I used CCP-22 Crank Puller to take the crank off rather than the Crank Puller 2-In-1 (which I have used to take the cranks off before on the unicycle). While I was taking the crank off, the tip of the crank puller came off and is now stuck in the hub. I have not been able to remove it. If there is not a way to remove it, it looks like the only option would be to get a new hub and rebuild the wheel.

    Maybe one of you will have a clever idea of how to get the tip out. I would appreciate any suggestions for how to get the tip out.


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    I don't know if all the ISIS hubs have a hole all the way through the hub but some do. If yours does, you can use a long bar to drive the puller tip out from the opposite side. If there is no hole through the hub a welder/machinist could likely get it out either by welding a tab on the puller tip or using some kind of easy out tool.
    Once you get it out if the threads are not messed up you should be good to go. It the threads are damaged, maybe a longer bolt would help.


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      Jim's suggestions are what I would say too. I have made a similar mistake, I couldn't use a normal puller because the threads in the crank were stripped, and had a Diy contraption to somehow get them off. Long story short, I had to push a washer through my hub, that was stuck in a similar way to yours (it was drilled all the way). Threads ended up being fine, and hub is useable.

      It should possible to save the hub for a machinist or someone with a well equipped home workshop, even if your hub isn't drilled all the way through. But it's certainly a question of what tools you have available. Drilling a hole in the piece, threading it and use a slidehammer-ish contraption would be my approach. If all else fails, or the thread is too damaged, you probably have an M12 bolt on that hub, so you could drill it out and tap it to M15 (make sure it's the correct pitch).
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        ISIS hubs come in 3 sizes. M8, M12 and M15. Unicycles tend to use the M12 size bikes have now switched to M15. The older extractors suitable for cotterless and M8 ISIS hubs are generally not suitable for use on M12 as the heads are normally M12.

        Unfortunately we see this quite often and the damage is to the first line of threads and can write off the hubs. Jim is right though. We do sell extra long bolts (23mm) and this can solve the problem.
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          Well, you can try to screw a bolt that is tight size into the cap and pull it out or use an "easy out" from the hardware store (cheap) to grab it and ease it out. But I like the through hole idea if you have that.