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    My daughter turned three just after Christmas and I gave her a unicycle. I got her the sun 12" and cut the seat post and seat tube. It is just about right. She can sit on it if holding something, and can pedal if being held. I don't think she will be learnig too quickly, but she loves doing what Daddy does.
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      Originally posted by chirokid

      James, my oldest two were already bike riders. My youngest, 5 years old, was not riding a bike.

      Out of my selfishness, I decided to not teach her to bike ride until she learned to unicycle ride. I feel sort of mean about that, but she practices her unicycles several times per/week.

      I wanted her to be able to say, "I could ride a unicycle before I learned to ride a bike!" Am I a bad Father for that? --chirokid--
      Would appear your not the only "bad father" ...

      Our weekly (juggling) meeting a couple nites ago had two young riders who'd never been there before. An 11yo brother and 8yo sister. Though I don't think she could freemount, the 8yo was zipping all over the place on a uni - and she cannot yet ride a bike. Here mom explained that she has trouble controlling the steering of the front wheel.


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        I bought our son a 16" for his 7th birthday last June, as he seemed to be having trouble learning on my (heavily chopped!) 20". He was freemounting and riding well enough to go out for 1 mile or so rides within 2 weeks. We've done a lot of muni together, no serious drops, but lots of technical singletrack and steep, loose descents. Last Tuesday we did a 6.5 mile trail ride in just under 2 hours, mostly singletrack. I felt a bit of a 'bad dad' as I was on my 26 x 3 (Duro) with 150's while Obe was on a 16 x 2.25 with 89's. He slept well that night!
        I'm playing with the idea of making up a shortie superlight 24" muni for him, copying the 'short persons coker frame' on By my maths he would just be able to reach the pedals on 127 cranks. The only concern I have is that as he can keep up fairly well on his 16", on a 24" He'll be leaving me for dead.


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          My little one started to learn shortly after his 3rd birthday. It wasn't his only Xmas present, honest! He found this a little early in life to comprehend what-the-hell was going on. Now the Winter is over with, we can find the time to practice more. He's now 4 1/2 and I'm convinced he'll be riding unaided by his 5th birthday.

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