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Richmond, VA ride December 20th!!!!

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    Medium shirt for me.



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      yeah me and nick wont be able to make it. ill take a extra large shirt lol. even though we cant come be sure to pst here for all future events. we will try to come. i guess we'll see some of you guy at motorama?
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        Trip, Zach, and I were at Belle Isle yesterday checking out the condition of everything. The Mighty James River was definately a few feet higher than usual, so most of the rocks are submerged or seperated by fast moving rapids: good for kayaks, bad for trials unicycling. There's still a lot of good trials lines to be found on the south side of the island though.

        The trails were just a little moist, but except for a few large puddles weren't too muddy. It might snow in Richmond a little today, but it's suppose to be nice tomorrow. A few trails are completely blocked off by fallen trees, but all in all the trails look pretty good.

        Man, this is gonna be a lot of fun. If you didn't get the directions, they're on a previous page in this thread. If you get lost in the concrete jungles of Richmond, I'll have a cell phone at hand: 703-568-3944.

        Awesome, see everybody tomorrow!
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