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Spare One Link Of Chain?

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  • Spare One Link Of Chain?

    I have a Savage 6' Giraffe.
    It came with a 20 inch wheel.
    I put a 26 inch wheel on it and it works,
    but the chain is too tight.

    Can anybody spare a link or two of chain??

    I would be willing to pay for them + shipping.


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    Did you ask a local bike shop? They might be willing to spare a couple, and even let you borrow thier chain tool.
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      i agree with max. 'spare' links to bike shops are useless. A put back together chain is never as strong as the orginal (important to bikes, probably not to giraffes)

      On a bike ride, if my chain breaks, I'll put it back together (minus the link) for the ride back, but will replace the chain immediately. I'm only mentioning this because that's what bike stores will probably have lots, they probably just threw some out, or are about to
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        It's not quite clear why a different diameter wheel changes the amount of chain needed. Is it also a different sprocket? Have you adjusted the adjusters?

        When I used to bicycle, I often used to split my continuous chain to remove and clean it. I never noticed it being weaker as a result - and I used to tour with heavy camping gear, and I used to ride tandem too. A complete new chain is only a few Quid/Dollars. The tool to split it is about the same price as a crank tool.

        Beware: there are two or three sizes of chain. Theoretically the pitch and width could both vary. In practice, I guess they're all the same pitch these days (I'm out of touch on these details) but the widths vary.
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          stay the hell out of my recycle bin, you freak!
          I have no spare change!
          Go to the mission. get some soup!