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Unicycle Workshop By Darren Bedford A Big Hit!

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  • Unicycle Workshop By Darren Bedford A Big Hit!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the unicycle workshop put on by
    Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles last weekend for the Nanaimo Park
    Jugglers in Ottawa Canada was a big hit. We had a great turnout including
    several unicycle riders from the Ottawa area who were looking for other
    riders in the area. Thanks again to Darren Bedford for coming to our club
    and making our event such a great success. Check our web site for pics and
    videos taken at the workshop: .

    Managing Juggler
    Nanaimo Park Jugglers
    Ottawa, Canada

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    Yeah, it was great to meet other people in the area with a similar obsession for 'the one wheel'. Riding in the snow was a blast too.

    Darren put on a nice little demo/workshop on learning how to ride, doing some tricks and riding the ultimate and impossible wheels. Thanks Darren!

    Creaky Wheel Video Gallery
    True Dimensions


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      Many thanks, Carl! It was weird walking into a community centre and seeing a dozen or so kids riding around on unis and juggling.

      It was great for my daughter Maggie (9) to see other kids riding. She's been practicing almost every day since!

      She was so impressed she didn't even roll her eyes. - Harper