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Could they make suspension on a unicycle?

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    Yes, i have thought of the rubber cranks, and the steel spring ideas before. I like the steelspring one more, i think you would have your cranks being able to rotate a bit (determining your "travel") and then you'd have the steel springs on the outside, so that they would naturally return to neutral position.
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      oops forgot to attach this:
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        Originally posted by Steve
        I am preaty sure that phil was being sarcastic but I was thinking about making cranks out of some very stiff spring steel. stiff enough that they wouldn't flex much with regular riding but if you landed on them when they are in the 3 and 9 o'clock position after a big drop they would be able to provide a little shock absorption. I suppose that they may tend to twist and dump your feet off of the pedals but that problem may be fixable. Anyone else have any ideas along this line?

        This would be a VERY cool idea if there was a way to damp the motion. The spring steel part would be a flat plate with the edge along the crank and the wide part parallel to the ground at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. It would be a normal crank with a 2 inch section cut from it. The remaining ends would be slotted and the spring steel inserted so that the original length of the crank is preserved it just has a stiff spring in the middle. If the motion is not damped, the energy put into the spring landing a drop would be put back into your legs by the restoring force of the spring. How do you add dampers?
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          Very artistic drawings m_extreme_uni.
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            What if they made some kind of spoke that acked like suspension. any thoughts?
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              Originally posted by uni-j
              What if they made some kind of spoke that acked like suspension. any thoughts?
              the more spokes you have the more they act like suspension unfortunatly most decent rims, only come in 36 hole variants.

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