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  • Northern Illinois U. unicyclist is one singular sensation
    516 Words
    5 March 2007
    (c) 2007 U-Wire. All Rights Reserved.

    U-WIRE-03/05/2007-Northern Illinois U.: Northern Illinois U. unicyclist is one singular sensation (C) 2007 Northern Star Via U-WIRE

    By Derek Walker, Northern Star (Northern Illinois U.)

    DEKALB, Ill. -- One is the loneliest number to many people, but not to

    Derek "The Unicycle Guy" Weider. Since his arrival on the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale campus last September, Weider has gained publicity and popularity for his unique choice of transportation: The unicycle. But why one wheel, and not two?

    "[Unicycles] are a lot more fun to ride," Weider said. "And, you have a lot more control with a unicycle than a bike."

    Easily identified by his gigantic hair and constant smile, Weider rolled onto campus and into the hearts of those around him. Fellow students have taken notice of Weider's special talent -- many trying it


    "He's talented and he's got guts. I tried the unicycle thing once, and I can't do it," said Gilbert Lloyd, a freshman computer science major.

    Weider has even taken it upon himself to teach his skills to the students on his floor in Grant Tower B. For anyone interested in picking up the crafty hobby, Weider has some advice.

    "Just keep trying; you're not going to pick it up very fast," Weider said. "I think riding a unicycle has more of a learning curve than riding a bike."

    Though he has overcome the obstacle of learning how to ride the unicycle, Weider is faced with another: the weather. With winter still in full effect and snow still on the ground, several students have shown concern for his reckless abandon in the frigid temperatures.

    "I've seen him riding around in the winter, and I get a little scared for the guy because of the ice," said Patrick Rozum, a junior business administration major.

    Weider admits he will continue to ride despite what the calendar reads.

    He also admits that, aside from people honking their horns at him every now and then, the feedback has been mostly positive.

    Such a distinguishable talent has led to comparisons to another campus celebrity: Bike Man. Known for his eccentric tweaking of an everyday bicycle, including the application of rims and a boom box, Chris "Bike Man" Daniels graduated this past December, leaving the status of "campus celebrity student" up for grabs. Weider, however, has no plans on picking up where Daniels left off.

    "I don't want to be intruding on Bike Man's ride," Weider said. "I don't want to encroach on his territory."

    Even though there are no red-laser rims or stereo speakers in his future, Weider admits that the comparisons are inevitable. Still, he takes it all in stride, even if his motives aren't based on celebrity.

    "Part of the reason I'm doing it is to see everybody's looks and stuff," Weider said. "The main reason I'm doing it is because it's so much fun."
    Raphael Lasar

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    • Hey, I went to Southern Illinois University, Wish I had kept up with unicycling those days, that has to be great place to unicycle.

      Unicycles are flying machines!

      24", 28", 32", and 36" KH frame based mutts.
      26" inexpensive travel.


      • Group's high fundraising hope
        Raphael Lasar

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          ~<''>~ Unicycle for the Flying Spaghetti Monster ~<''>~


          • Here is that article for when that link goes dead:

            Paperboy Stuart masters his balancing act
            By Matt Jackson

            Stuart Heath is off on his rounds on his unicycle
            Buy this photo
            PEOPLE living in Eldene are now getting used to the sight of paperboy Stuart Heath bobbing at their letterboxes.

            After several months' practice the 15-year-old has mastered the art of delivering a paper while still perched on his unicycle.

            Stuart, a Dorcan College student from Liden, picked up the hobby from his friend and has adapted it to make his job easier.

            "I only started using the unicycle in September, but it's not that complicated a skill," he said.

            "My friend was into it and I picked it up from him.

            "I have got two cycles that I use for the round, which I do every day of the week."

            Stuart started his paper round 18 months ago and relied on a mountain bike to get him around.

            But the size of it meant he had to dismount every time he wanted to deliver a newspaper.

            "I thought it would be a lot easier if I could use my unicycle because you don't need to get off to put the paper through into the box," he said.

            "After a few goes I got the hang of it and I can now do every house on the round bar a few."

            The unusual sight has prompted several comments from residents and passers-by.

            "A common one is where's your other wheel gone?'," he said.

            "Most people seem to think it's funny but there are a few who think I'm being stupid.

            "But if I can finish the round quicker then what is the harm?"

            Whether by luck or design Stuart's cycling delivery system has kept him away from dogs on his round, and the only problem is the weight of weekend supplements.

            He said: "I have to go back to my mountain bike on Saturday and Sunday because the weight tips me off balance.

            "You can lean to compensate with the smaller papers but the weekend is too heavy."

            When he is not doing his paper round Stuart puts his unicycle to good use, taking it on trials' around Swindon.

            He said: "I use it in the town and in the country as you would do a mountain bike.

            "We jump from things and go down hills, but you fall off quite often."

            And despite his unicycle capers Stuart has no urge to join the circus.

            "We don't think of unicycles as being circus items, and I don't juggle or do the trapeze," he said.

            6:48pm Tuesday 20th March 2007

            One Love Unicycle Club (Coming to Denver soon...)


            • Fairmont Unicyclists Back On Track
              Posted Thursday, March 22, 2007 ; 05:31 PM
              Updated Thursday, March 22, 2007 ; 06:49 PM

              Watch Story Video:Click link above
              Family legacy prompts the beginning of a unicycle club once again.

              Story by Sarah Kapis Email

              FAIRMONT- -- In the Crandall family, riding a unicycle is what they do.

              "My grandfather used to have a club back in the mid 1970s," said Daniel Crandall, unicycle enthusiast.

              Since then, one-wheeling has been a well-traveled tradition. "I've done reports on my family and unicycling for the past 3 or 4 years and I keep digging up more and more each year," he said.

              His cousin Floyd, holds the world record for the fastest 100 meter ride. The family even has a unicycle named after them.
              They own everything from off-road, to 6-foot, to 10-foot. and perhaps the scariest of them all, a 13-footer.

              "In my experience, the hardest part about riding one of these is getting started after you get moving, you're good to go," said Crandall.

              Getting started is what Crandall wants to do with his own version of the Fairmont unicyclists -an organization based on pedaling, patience and practice.

              "At the end of the day, you get to do something that not everyone does, you get to do something unique," he said.

              Crandall is looking for members to join his club. No experience is necessary. You can contact him at 304-838-0892.

              Copyright 2007 West Virginia Media. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
              Raphael Lasar

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              • Scores of daredevils and novices hang in the balance at the eighth annual MUni Fest in slickrock or 801- 257-8902. Send comments about this story to


                FOR MORE INFORMATION visit the following Web sites: , ,


                Caption: Brent Garrett, 16, of Pueblo, Colo., jumps off a rock along the Slickrock Trail in Moab during the eighth annual MUni Fest. About 170 unicyclists came to Moab for three days of good-natured competition and fun.; With the weather intent on making the Slickrock Trail live up to its name, daring muni riders rock on.; A panoramic view captures a group of unicyclists negotiating wet and foggy conditions on the Slickrock Trail. The annual gathering draws enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.
                Raphael Lasar

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                • Keeping it simple: Short history of the muni movement
                  Raphael Lasar

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                  • Sherbrooke Record &amp; Rocketboom!

                    No link, but the Sherbrooke Record (Quebec, Canada) had a pic of some guy on a muni in the snow last month... no article though... Also, Rocketboom had a guy on an ultimate wheel on March 22nd...


                    • Only one wheel (but twice the fun on unicycles)
                      224 words
                      26 April 2007
                      Evening Gazette
                      (c) 2007 Gazette Media Company Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

                      Unicyclists from across the world wheeled into Billingham for an international gathering.

                      The British Unicycle Convention, hosted by The Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club, is the largest of its kind in the country.

                      For the second year running, it was held at St Michael's School and attracted around 150 riders from across the UK, and as far away far as Canada, Denmark and France.

                      Events included the UK championships for unicycle hockey, unicycle freestyle, unicycle trials and street competition.

                      Paul Tosker, the oldest person to unicycle across the Transporter Bridge, was one of the organisers.

                      He said: "It's been great, with both local and international riders taking part in the events.

                      "The facilities at the school are great - without their help we would not have been able to hold the event."

                      Sean Thomas, 37, travelled from Swansea.

                      "It's my first unicycling convention," he said. "I have been stuck in my village where I'm the only unicyclist so coming here has been a big help and I've picked up lots of advice."

                      The weekend also included a unicycle ceilidh and off-road unicycling up Roseberry Topping and over the North Yorkshire moors.

                      * For more information about events held by The Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club, call 0800 980 0711.
                      Raphael Lasar

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                      • Originally posted by JJuggle
                        Sean Thomas, 37, travelled from Swansea.

                        "It's my first unicycling convention," he said. "I have been stuck in my village where I'm the only unicyclist so coming here has been a big help and I've picked up lots of advice."
                        THAT'S ME!!

                        Fame at last.


                        • "I have been stuck in my village where I'm the only uniclyclist..."

                          Sounds like an awful hardship.
                          Believe me I understand.


                          • One-wheel riders get the balance right
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                            • Well done! Sean, at this rate you'll soon be getting more publicity than Kris Holm. Better polish that helmet!
                              Did you know that lighter flame smells like burnt nose hair?
                              Entropy isn't what it used to be.


                              • Aye, I'm a little disappointed. The first draft of the page contained more photos and named all the riders, but the editor decided to insert a piece about a local charity bike ride, so the extra pictures were ditched. Sorry fellas.
                                Still, a bit of publicity for the sport, eh?