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Re: Unicycle pedals /= bike pedals (Folding/Removable)

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  • Re: Unicycle pedals /= bike pedals (Folding/Removable)

    While stranded on the hard shoulder of the information super highway typed:
    > And as for the folding pedals... imagine the hilarity that could ensue
    > when freemounting.

    Brompton folding pedals could be fitted to a uni with no
    danger of them folding when you don't want them to. They
    certainly work fine on the Brommie.
    (Scroll down a bit and click on the image button next to
    the words Folding Left Hand Pedal.)

    For snap-off pedals try Promenade ARS-2. This a really
    beautiful piece of engineeing; I know I have them on my bike.
    (Again scroll down a bit for a picture)

    Trog Woolley
    (A Croweater back residing in Pommie Land with Linux)

    Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna
    trog at trog hyphen oz dot demon dot co dot uk