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    hahaha that was a great vid with the 12 unimyra very entertaining to watch
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      Progress at last! I haven't made any perceptible progress for a few months now, but a definite breakthough today. I've been practising hopping on my 20" for a while, and recently I've been able to static mount into a few hops, then ride away. Today I managed to ride - hop 180 degrees - ride off a couple of times! (Out of many attempts). This is pretty basic stuff, but it's been eluding me. At least I know it's possible now.

      My hopping is still quite sketchy, I have to get my position just right, and I often have to bale out when my feet slip or the cranks start to rotate. I've learned that pulling up harder on the saddle helps.
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        good job Richard, it feels great when things start working doesn't it. I am in the same place with the learning to stop hop and take off again. I found learning to stall and take off was the biggest factor to getting better at hopping

        So today I'm rushing around this morning getting everything moved to the car for my afternoon ride as it was raining this morning and I didn't want to take the bike. I get to work and at some point I realized I forgot my helmet... arrgg
        now it's calling for rain the rest of the week
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        29" UDC Trainer
        32" UDC trainer


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          I had a scary lil close call...

          I was riding my 36er along the shoulder of the local highway(I try to ride on the shoulder as little as possible, I stick to parallel side streets along highways) and suddenly my shoelaces got caught in the left pedal and luckily just violently ripped clean off and I landed on my feet and ran for a bit on the rightmost side of the shoulder. The uni, however kept rolling along and then veered to the left into oncoming traffic behind me. Traffic slowed though, thank god, and I grabbed my uni.

          I will now ride on shoulders even less. In this case I had to to get to the next side street, but in the future I will always plan to avoid them.

          Oh...and I'll always check my shoelaces from now on.

          I'm thankful I didn't faceplant or end up in oncoming traffic.
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            Shoelaces - the enemy of the unicycle.
            Unicycling is the fountain of youth.


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              The Deadly Truth of Shoelaces


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                Originally posted by DSchmitt View Post
                my shoelaces got caught in the left pedal
                Back in my flying days there was a saying, there are pilots who have landed wheels up, and those that will.

                Same for unicyclists and shoelaces.

                I have (shoelaces that is). Will we learn from it?


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                  Glad you are OK.

                  In my early days of unicycling I read about the shoe lace risk and I always tuck them in. Not into the side of the shoe but under the lines of laces, all the way to the front.

                  I'd hate to fall without being able to get my foot of the pedal...