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Does your spouse support or oppose your Unicycling

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    Originally posted by wobbling bear View Post
    wait until the UK drifts away at the end of January and then It will take longer (tears: I will pay more for my tea and morning scones )
    Very true ... still hopefully 'attend unicycle world championship' is enough justification the the visa or whatever else is put in place...

    @ Setonix, you can get personlised plates, but you have to stay within the standard format of letters, numbers and spaces. Which means often you have to read numbers as a letter and/or change the spacing (which is in theory illegal). Plus they can be expensive for a good one.


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      My second date with my now wife was a unicycle lesson, so it's probably different than taking it up while in an existing relationship. That said, we are together because we have diverse interests (she's a puppeteer).
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