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Desert MUNI Race Ridgercrest, Ca

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    Ridgecrest Desert Classic info

    Originally posted by muni ben View Post
    I have a friend who would be interested in the 3.2 mi course, but would like to see the gpx file first. Thanks!
    Here is the garmin link to the unicycle course. I rode it with my bike to get an accurate estimate of the mileage.

    Also the deadline for getting a shirt with your the registration is tomorrow since we have to have the shirt order in on Monday and the registration price increases by $5 on Thursday.


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      Two friends of mine just registered, one in the 27 mi Expert category and one in the 3 mi muni category. It's gonna be fun
      My videos!


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        I see that two people that I follow on Strava did the 27m expert course.
        Both did really great, with average speeds of 10 and 15 km/h.
        The Strava data suggest the course was close to 29 miles, with 920m of elevation.

        Since he's an active member here I think I can freely mention Ben Soja being the 15km/h rider.

        Absolutely amazing!


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          The expert riders were amazing to say the least. Ben finished in under 3 hours which was mind blowing. It was great meeting everyone even though it was brief.
          I am inspired.
          I will try to get some pictures up soon.
          I hope next year we continue to grow.


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            I looked at the results - Ben's time was super impressive - 2:56:07, top pro was 2:00:49. I would never have expected a unicycle to be that fast!

            Also interesting to compare that result with the Mt. Diablo uphill race, where the fastest time was 44:50, and Ben was 1:06:59.

            So for the uphill road race, where you would expect a unicycle to be at its best, the unicycle was just about 50% slower. On the mtb course where you would expect the bike to have a big advantage, the unicycle was only ~46% slower. Weird. But inspiring!


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              Thanks guys, it was really a fun race! I wrote a little bit on facebook about it:

              Interesting that Mt Diablo and RDC are quite close in terms of uni vs bike. Maybe the Mt Diablo field was simply more stacked.
              My videos!


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                Lots of pictures of the race here.

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                  Thanks for riding in the RDC

                  Thanks to all the unicyclists for coming out to the Ridgecrest Desert Classic race. We had a great turnout with 8 MUni riders. Jose, Ricardo, Chad, Kayden, and Tamera rode the unicycle course and all did great. Ben, Dakoda, and Marc all rode the expert course. All of these riders finished the course which is extremely impressive. I had underestimated what was possible on a unicycle. I am amazed by the skill and endurance of these riders. We appreciate everyone for attending our event and making the unicycle category a big success. We hope to see everyone again next year.