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    Originally posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
    Maybe I am totally off-base here, but I assume the riders using 110mm cranks for muni are 1. Totally Awesome 2. Doing fast, flowy downhills and 3. Taking the ski lift up the hill.
    1. Yes.

    2. Pretty hard, technical downhills, including big jumps, too. Brakes are amazing. Scary thing is you have to take technical sections fast. I think I'm personally staying with 125mm, but then again, I thought that about 140mm too...

    3. For long mountain tours, most people I know go up a cranksize (127mm/110mm) dual holes are popular with the people I know riding 110mm cranks. It's amazing how good you can go uphill with shorter cranks though, at least when you take gravel roads up. (Which is what most people I've been riding with do, easy up, technical down.)

    At one time, for me, it was all about long cranks (170) for torque on hills and rough ground, and short cranks (I went down to 90 mm on one of my unis) for spinning fast. Now, it is about compromise. I find I can pick my way over rough ground with medium cranks, and spin as fast as I need to on the road with the same cranks.
    It's definetely always a compromise, that everyone has to find for their trails and riding style. And I also agree with you, it's easy to get too obsessed with setup. I'm not saying never change it, but I've also ridden with people who on uphills said: "Oh, I wish I had a longer seatpost so I can put my seat higher.", then on downhill wished they had shorter cranks, and on the way back to the car wished for a bigger wheel, always thinking about what could be better, not what's good...

    In response to 29" I'd say: If you are going to stay on those trails, a 29" will probably be ideal in your future. If you want to ride harder trails, the 27.5" might still be the choice in the future. I personally enjoy the feeling of riding down trails that seemed completely impossible in the past more than riding easier trails fast.
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      Finally got my first ride in yesterday with the new cranks. First impressions.. smoother ride, climbs not affected negatively (Just different) but downhill went downhill haha! I'm sure i will get used to them but i may need to start considering a brake to help the ole knees out
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