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    Originally posted by kunstrasen View Post
    Not for the moment. Mtb market has gone to 27.5 and 29. The big tire makers are Maxxis, Schwalbe, Conti, some other.

    Surly and WTB are minor players in this market and found their niche.
    So ur saying that there are also mountain-bikes with 27.5 inch wheels? I thought that size was invented for unicycles only. My mountain bike which I bought 10 years ago has 26" wheels, but now that I got into unicycling, I know a little bit more about bike parts. Was never that interested really, but I regret not having bought a mtb with 29" wheels. On the other hand when I want to ride, I first think of taking a uni.


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      All new Mtbīs are in 27.5 and 29 only. There is no more new 26, except for kids and some niche/custom makers. And yes, 27.5 came form the MTB market. We are a niche and Uni makers followed the main market.


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        Originally posted by battleshiplinoleum View Post
        You might find the QX rgb 27.5er / 584mm to be your best option then. Initially you asked only to compare KH and Impact. So here you go with an inbound disc, better axle, awesome saddle, superb style, the only con possibly being the slightly narrower rim, but most importantly with it's total incredible 5.6 kg it's about 10% lighter.
        [...] Do you know if there is a retailer in the North America, otherwise it will cost $80 more than the KH unicycle due to shipping costs.
        I know only of Goudrix selling Quax unicycles in North America. Though they are currently out of stock on QX rgb 27.5ers. No wonder they were sold out at that price. (600USD!)