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    Originally posted by m00ms View Post

    ive not decided fully yet on which rim but currently thinking of using a dt swiss br710 26 inch 80mm 32 hole, is that a good choice or any recomendations ?

    thanks again
    I do not run a fat tire, but have ridden tubeless for many years on Mtb and now run tubeless on the Muni. If you are planning to go tubleless, I would choose a closed rim. That is easier to seal by rimtape.


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      Hi all,

      I now have hub,rim and have ordered my spokes so hopefully I have done my measurements correct so I can build wheel up then get some photos up of my build so far 😀 next choice is which tyre!


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        Originally posted by Tinkerbeau View Post
        How did you manage it, Aali, even if ďa painĒ?
        I needed to apply a sheet of 5x30mm rubberish straps (do not know the proper term for it, a link to the site I purchased it on either side of the rim for the tyre (Jumbo Jim 4.8) to be snug enough. In addition to the gorilla tape I applied first of course. Has been holding up very well and it was easy to inflate the tyre after the rubber straps, just using a normal floor pump was enough.


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          just a question from a noob as I don't know anything about tubeless tires. What happens when your outer tire punctures like maybe from a nail.

          Doesn't the air come out then? and if you had a tube then any holes in the outer tire are not important. Naturally you will have to stitch up an inner tube if it is punctured which is the reason to go tubeless, but aren't you just moving the problem to the outer tire?


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            You run the tubeless tyre with some liquid sealant inside (although the tyre should seat and be airtight without it). The sealant flows round inside the tyre and if there is a puncture the released air forces it into the hole where it coagulates and seals it — obviously it can only seal reasonably small holes.

            If you look on YouTube you’ll find videos of folk showing how to fix bigger punctures in tubeless tyres with plugs. They typically show puncturing the tyre and it sealing itself, then having to make a much bigger hole to demonstrate having to use a plug.

            This is a good one:
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              Originally posted by Setonix View Post
              just a question from a noob as I don't know anything about tubeless tires. What happens when your outer tire punctures like maybe from a nail.

              Doesn't the air come out then? and if you had a tube then any holes in the outer tire are not important. Naturally you will have to stitch up an inner tube if it is punctured which is the reason to go tubeless, but aren't you just moving the problem to the outer tire?
              Good explanation above, but thought I'd add that it really works and is so much more than you would expect. Small holes like from a thorn or nail will seal up right away with absolutely no problem. I once had a huge hole, something close to the size of a dime and although it spit fluid out for about 15 minutes, it eventually sealed!! (I had to top off the air as it lost a lot but it worked and I could finish the ride after only pumping 3 times --- as opposed to taking the wheel off and all the work to change the tube)

              Only bigger tears and rips are a problem. A few weeks ago I managed to get a vertical tear on my sidewall of 2-3 cm (although not completely torn through with some threads holding intermittently). Actually the fluid managed to seal the hole after a day: on the initial ride it would squirt fluid, then seal, then the tire would compress the sidewall when I rode over something big like a rock and it would open up again. After pumping it up again and leaving it overnight, then turning to get the fluid on it and leaving it again, it sealed. I went on another muni ride and holds. But I'm worried not that it will leak but that the sidewall is now too weak and might completely tear through... Unfortunately a plug will not work well on the sidewall. I saw some videos where people sew the sidewall up with dental floss and then add rubber cement and then seals up with Stans fluid, but I'm not so sure I want to do all that work...

              But in general tubeless is awesome. And if you have problems, usually it's not during the ride but at home when mounting the tires (with a tube it's easy to mount but then you get flats on the trail).
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                Jumbo Jim 4.0 tubed - for the moment

                So, I finally have it all together, with some pre-existing parts added to a new frame, Nimbus rim and the 36H hub.
                Given that the rim is not designed for tubeless, I went with a Jumbo Jim liteskin that I had and am running this tubed for starters because I am keen to take it out.
                Maybe at a later point I will try to set up the Nimbus rim tubeless ghetto / split tube with lots of padding to raise the centre part of the rim so that tyre can move out and seat against the rim when being inflated.

                Update on my first ride: I did 5k yesterday on mixed tarmac, gravel and grass. It is a big change from my 24" 3" previous muni, and there are lots of new impressions for a newbie like me. However, at around 1 bar, there was noticeable - but manageable - self steer on road camber and it did of course go much easier over the rougher ground. I am well pleased so far.
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                  Hi tinkerbeau

                  Thatís great you have your hatchet all built up now and you have got out on it😀

                  Mine is coming on too with my rim and hub spoked up now and I just need to tension the spokes.i have gone for a maxxis fbr 4.8 120 tyre which will be tubed.

                  I have my brake in the form of shimano six and ice tech 180mm disc.

                  Iím in no real rush to get mine finished as I enjoy building but will get some photos up at the weekend.


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                    hey all lets see if i can get some photos up!!



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                      That's badass! Nice job, best looking hatchet I've ever seen.


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                        I'll agree with Anton there! Those cutout rims look amazing with some bright tape under them
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                          Looks good! BR 710 has 32 holes, have you built it with 32 hole hub? Noticed that you are running it tubed, but is that DT Swiss rim easy to set up tubeless, ie is it tight enough against the bead of the tyre?
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                            thanks for the positive comments on my hatchet which i am pleased with although i have a couple of finshing touches to do to it,once i am happy with seat height i am going to shorten the brake hose and run it through the seat clamp which will keep it out of the way and look tidier.

                            at first i thought the yellow rim rubber was a little OTT but then the whole uni is really and it would be a shame to hide the cut outs with black rubber.

                            yes aali i have built the rim up using a 32 hole hub from as recommended by kunstrasen from this forum (many thanks).the rim is able to be run tubeless but i am running tube as i have never had any dealings with tubeless,i might look into it but i am a bit old school and like a simple tube.


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                              I agree with everyone -- it looks excellent. I like the touch with the yellow stitching on the seat matching the yellow on the tyre and wheel and also the yellow in the Hatchet logos (they come in red don't they?). You probably don't want to take it out in case you drop it -- I suppose you'll get over that soon enough though !

                              I still haven't done anything with mine -- haven't had the time unfortunately.


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                                Hi drd did your frame come with the stickers in an envelope? Yes stickers were red but as they werenít on the frame I got them re made in yellow when I saw the quax eleven saddle,hopefully I have not overdone the yellow theme!

                                Apart from a clicking shimano saint pedal (brought secondhand) which will annoy me my hatchet is ready for a ride once Iíve sorted pedal, I hope I donít drop it too soon as it would be great to look as itís does for a while.

                                Thatís a shame you have not had time to build yours yet but I hope you get round to it soon.