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Riding Uni in Shanghai / Beijing

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  • Riding Uni in Shanghai / Beijing

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    One of my most fun experiences was riding a bike through the central part of Beijing. That was in 1997. I think cars have taken over the place by now.


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      There are a few Chinese unicyclists in the Unicycle Chat group on Facebook. They'd probably have a few pointers.
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        My experience is outdated, but if you bring a unicycle to the Great Wall Myutan-Yu, you may be allowed to ride it up there. We did this in 1993 and 2000, but those were both specific events for unicycles, though the 2000 visit was just a tourist thing, the day after Unicon X was over. There were probably a couple of hundred unicyclists there, arriving in several big buses, but it was otherwise a normal day of tourist operation. Some brought unicycles, others were too hung over from the previous evening's "Beer Workshop".

        Kris Holm also famously did some riding on the Great Wall Ba-Da-Ling (closer to Beijing), which can be seen with a quick Web search. I'm pretty sure they just showed up and did that. Again, that was in 2000, so much may have changed since then.
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