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    The more I think how to do something new on a uni, the greater my chance of failing. I just say "do it"........... followed with very short prayer at times.


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      Originally posted by Setonix View Post
      I suppose riding uphill while sitting as much upright as you can, requires a lot of leg muscle.
      Probably less leg than back; the power requirements for the hill would stay the same, but by trying to sit upright, you take away some of your flexibility to bend your waist as necessary for dealing with the bumps. For me, the steeper the terrain, generally the more I'm leaned forward.
      Originally posted by OneTrackMind View Post
      He told me the next day that he lay in bed after our discussion trying to comprehend what goes on in a unicycle and it "blew his mind".
      That dude really should learn to ride one; he'd appreciate the process more than most! Plus he would then be able to wrap his head around it.
      Originally posted by OneTrackMind View Post
      Better that the learner understands it only takes a tiny body lean (not hunch over) forward to cause the unicycle frame to lean back a little and that this geometry is what one must strive for while trying to gain control of a unicycle.
      Exactly. When present to help the rider, this usually translates into "sit up straight" and you can then tell them if they're overdoing it. That's why written instructions need to be more detailed.
      The muni photos clearly show the frame leaning back.
      Picky picky! I would say that's pretty darn upright for singletrack in the thin air of a Utah mountain. But yes, as the terrain becomes rougher or less predictable, most riders will tend to increase that angle between upper body and frame.
      The freestyle shots don't count. They are clearly pirouetting anyway so leaning in the direction of movement is impossible. Besides, freestyle riders have sold their souls to buy the rights to ignore the laws of physics.
      Oh, so you've seen Kazuhiro before! He killed it at Unicon 16, winning the Individual title. Now he coaches the young ones. I threw that picture in because it's just cool, and of course they're very upright.

      Here's an example for uphills cranking: Irene Genelin, riding around Lake Tahoe in 2007. It looks flat, but she's riding up a fairly steep slope, at over 6400' above sea level. Her lean is necessary to help keep her out front of the contact patch. She rode 100 miles that day, along with 4 or 5 other unicyclists!
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