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Narrow winter tyre on 24" Muni rim?

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  • Narrow winter tyre on 24" Muni rim?

    Would a 47-507 tyre fit on Nimbus Dominator 2, 24" x 42mm rim? I'd like to get a studded winter tyre for a Nimbus MUni 24", and the Schwalbe Marathon Winter 47-507 seems to be the most available 24" option where I live.

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    It will fit, but won't be ideal.

    You will have to run quite high pressure to avoid pinch-flats or sidewall damage. I have no idea what your winter conditions are like but you might be better off DIY studding a wider tire with a good cold weather rubber compound.

    Running a pizza cutter wheel in the winter can be a ton of fun in the right conditions. It's a nightmare in others.
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      Thank you for your heads-up about the pressure! As far as I understand, with high pressure these tyres will mostly ride on the center, where there are no studs. That's a feature to adapt the tyres for ice free days. I might go for a DIY solution as you suggested.