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    Originally posted by MrImpossible View Post
    Yeah the "finished" versions look like a piece of foam stuck on there and wrapped in duct tape.......
    I believe it is the finest available leather, just structured to look like duct tape....

    Anyhow it is good to have those new ideas comming to our small world.


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      Originally posted by fetzenschorsch View Post
      Will you write a review, as soon as you tried them?
      Absolutely. I ordered both the short trials version and the medium version.

      The first impression I had from the very brief ride on Ben Soja's handle saddle was that the hand positioning seems perfect, so hopefully it will be comfortable for long distance as well.
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        I'd not recommend the Fusion Zero for those of us without much "material" on our behinds, without padded cycling shorts.

        I do find the Fusion One much better, but personally still end up with some bruising on longer rides (>50 miles).

        I wouldn't ride one without bars, but on that point I'm not sure I'd choose to set up many unicycles without bars any more.
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