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    I used to ride next to my wife while she pushed a pram. Excruciatingly hard work on the 36, so much more concentration required than riding at normal pace. Now it's easy (because I've practiced!). The skills are definitely transferable to general riding on any wheel size. I now have more control because it feels like my cranks 'dead sectors' are reduced.

    Riding with my boy (age 4, SS Islabike 16") has led me from the 20" to the 26" and now I need to build a 29er wheel so I can catch up with him. The 36er is a little bit too big for me to safely transition from riding to helping him out if he gets in trouble.

    Unicycling has been a really great way for me to keep doing something challenging while he rides his bike. I'd get bored on my bike for sure.


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      My better half runs (not very quickly) and I ride along. i use a 29er and 36er. As you say, riding slowly is hard work, but great practice.

      After she has finished her run, I do a couple of hot laps, as we call it. It feels great after 3 - 5 miles of slow riding (not as slow as following a pram though).


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        Originally posted by rich View Post
        I'd get bored on my bike for sure.
        Yes that is why I take my uni, even though it is much easier of course. Unicycling is about challenges.

        Originally posted by Fat D View Post
        After she has finished her run, I do a couple of hot laps, as we call it.
        I actually did the same the last few times, just to let all the cropped up energy out ^_^

        Today I rode to work (about 7km) on the 26". Lately I've been measuring my speed more and ride an average of 14.5kph on the 32", but on the 26" I rode only 12kph. So today I was complaining that I couldn't go fast enough. I chose the 26er because it worked out very well to ride slow with it with my kid the other day and pause my dominant foot after each rotation. Also trying the same with my left foot, I feel I can do, but it needs a lot more practice. It would be cool if I could hop with my left non-dominant foot at the back.


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          Just practice. I started with my 20" when my sun started biking, and then moved to the 24" and 26" munis as he got faster, He's slightly too fast now for me on my 26", I have to fix my Coker... Or make him uni on his 16" more


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            I've been riding with the family nearly every day and the last few times when my daughter follows her mum on the bike, she can ride faster than me on my 26", but after 8ish km she gets tired and becomes slower again than me on the 26. I've used this time also to focus on rolling hops, which I've become better at.