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Which hand do you use when holding onto the seat?

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    Originally posted by finnspin View Post
    I'm not sure what your basing "being right" on, but I can sidehop 95cm over a bar, and I have never seriously practiced using my weak hand...

    I'm not saying you should not bother with practicing your weak side, and can't care less about the will it help you with your strong side debate (just try it out, and if it helps you, that's cool, if it doesn't, probably didn't hurt you to exercise the muscles on your opposite site). But what I can definitely say is that it's certainly not necessary to progress on your strong side.
    Practicing on my weak side, in the rare event that I bother to do it, seems to make me better at going up the steps without pausing to make corrective hops, but you may be right, I haven't tested this finding with enough scientific rigor to say for sure whether the same amount of time practicing only on one side would not have helped just as much. For hopping down the stairs, I can easily do one hop per step, even if I am a bit out of practice, though only if I hop to the right.

    I have never seen anyone, except on You Tube, who hopped higher than 30cm, which is not very high- even I can do it! High jumping is on my list of skills where I have tons of room for improvement. My tire is a 20 x 2.4, so not quite a proper trials tire, but if I learned to tuck, hopefully I could jump pretty high anyway.
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      All dominance on me is on the right hand side. Right is the first foot on the backpedal and i hold my ride hand on the seat, while flailing with left. On long rides i swtch around with my hands and often try to ride with both hands on the seat, which took me a while to learn because of having to balance with my hips instead of my arms.
      Hopping i can only do with my right hand just like mounting with right. Mounting with left feels very strange. When hopping i find it easier to hop clockwise than anti-clockwise, but i do try both ways.
      Its funny to see that there is a big variance between people here.