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  • Unicycle quilt

    It's been one or two days since I've checked in here, or has it been years?

    Recently, our daughter-in-law, Rachel, took some of the tee-shirts we obtained from competitions and made a quilt for Mary for Mothers Day. It's something we will cherish for a long time.
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    This is so neat and cool!!!


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      But... she destroyed your t-shirts !


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        Originally posted by unibabyguy View Post
        But... she destroyed your t-shirts !
        I have had loads of "destroyed" T-shirts that would still work in a quilt; get rid of the neck and pits areas and they look fine...

        The quilt is pretty awesome. I recently saw a different one at the Hoovers' house in Los Gatos; a mix of Unicon, team and other unicycle-related shirts, very similar to that one. Both are treasures.
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          Eli Brill has something similar.