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48 Semcycle Deluxe

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    Originally posted by Setonix View Post
    Wow cool, a while a go I looked on youtube how to mount those things. It seems easy enough, but it is quite high and what if you want to stop at the traffic light.
    A mount is relatively fast but more often than not I don't need to. It is quite easy to time crossings. You have a great view that high up and it is easy to cycle it exceptionally slowly, if you need to.

    Originally posted by Setonix View Post
    Also steering must feel weird as your outer pedal will move away from you. Doesn't the wheel hit your leg when you turn too much?
    Yes... if you turn too much. Generally you do not need to turn that tightly in the kinds of places where you would ride one.

    Originally posted by Setonix View Post
    How much did you pay for it, in NOK?
    21427 NOK ($2079/1908€/1656)

    EDIT: That is the total cost I paid including all extras, taxes, fees, shipping, etc.
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