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    no specific goals at all

    For the future I plan:
    I ride my unicycle every day and see where the journey takes me.
    Oldest kid in town - neighbour


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      Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
      Easiest way to start is probably to start letting your feet skid a bit, while two-footed wheel walking. That might be a helpful step before focusing on the one-fotted wheel walking. In either case, just do short skids to start, maybe just a few centimeters at first. As you get more comfortable doing that, you'll be learning the "sweet spot" of how much tension you need available to control that sliding motion.
      Well, that's an approach that no one else has suggested. It also sounds more fun than just trying to go straight into a one-footed wheel walk over and over again, which just leaves me with two feet on the ground and nothing to show for it!