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Still in the unicycling, training in good progress

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  • Still in the unicycling, training in good progress

    Figured to say boo, about 4 months of training behind now ( 2x 1hour 30 minutes per week).
    Let's just say I got hooked in this sport....
    Currently in phase of learning freemount. Maybe the most tedious thing to learn thus far.

    Bought another uni too along 20", an 24" Qu-Ax, which feels much better. But, I bought new saddle for that 20" too, since original saddle is just horrible.

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    Spreading your practice sessions out over 6 days per week for half an hour each would give you much faster progress than 90 minutes twice a week, but maybe you don't have a good practice spot that you can get to easily.

    Yeah, you have to momentarily give up the fun of riding a unicycle to learn to freemount, but it pays off pretty quickly. Beginning freemounters usually must choose between learning the rollback mount and the static mount. There are many threads about each of these. I started with rollback because to me it seemed safer and easier at that time, but the static mount is faster and takes up less space, and regardless of which one you choose now, you will want to learn the static mount eventually. It is better in a hockey or basketball game, in any other situation where you have people riding or walking behind you, if there are rocks behind you, if you are mounting a 36, etc.


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      Oh yes, I forgot to mention I got access to gym only during weekends, rarely during weekdays. Sometimes even weekends were booked, so I lacked good place to practise. Now it should be different story, since summer is coming up. I already started training on local shopping center parking area.

      Yeah, I read those points too about static and roll-back mount. At first I was training towards static, but I didn't got guts for it or something. So, now I'm getting familiar of the feeling when center of balance if tipping, like in roll-back mount.