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    Originally posted by pierrox View Post
    Which also helped me figure out the best use of bars when turning, something I had not quite worked out - honestly, why would one twist the bars to turn, especially after years of biking/motorcycling!


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      Originally posted by pierrox View Post
      In my experience, a round tyre on a narrow rim is the less sensitive. My 29" has a Schwalbe Big One, it's a 2.35" tire - so fairly big for a road tire. It hardly has any knobs (which is why it gets a flat per month, but that's an other story).
      I rode it for a long time on a KH 29" rim, with is what, 52mm wide if not more? It was pretty sensitive to camber. Not as bad as the Schwalbe Big Apple I had for a while, but close. When I got my new hub, I built it into a road rim, 25mm wide. It's day and night on camber, it handles it so much better. The tire is more "pointy" and round - it actually looks smaller than when it was spread on a wide rim.
      Did you use the same tyre pressure?

      My example is also with a Schwalbe Big One- using a narrow HPlusSon Archetype rim (23mm) and vs a Carbon rim (52mm). There's not a big difference, but the carbon rim does feel more predictable and nicer to ride. I didn't control for rim material, but the weight of the two rims are fairly similar.
      I was using 50 PSI (both rims worked fine), and then I went down to 30PSI (both terrible). I rode them consecutively on the same ride (had two unicycles built up with the same setup/crank length).

      Originally posted by Danny Colyer View Post
      You may very well be right. On reflection I realise that the one tyre that's given me real problems on a cambered path also happens to be by far the lowest pressure tyre that I've used on-road. Strangely I hadn't given much thought to the effect of tyre pressure.

      My gut still says that a round tyre ought to be better on a camber than trying to ride on the corner of a square tyre. But I haven't done the kind of tests that would be needed to confirm that (nor have I done anything like the kind of mileage that you have), and it certainly seems reasonable that tyre deformation would have a greater effect than tyre profile.
      Squarer tyres tend to have more tread on the side, which may lessen the tyre deformation. Oh the other hand, I've found round profile skinny road bike tyres (which need high PSI) excellent on camber, but they retain their shape due to high pressure (100PSI).

      If a tyre changes shape, it changes the contact/friction patch, which alters the directional path of the tyre, so you have to compensate by steering. On the flat, the change is symmetrical, but it isn't when you are riding on camber, so it wants to head off on a different vector.
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        Many rider report that increased tire pressure reduces the the camber effect of the Nightrider tire and others have reported no real effect. Here is my take about tire pressure on a Nightrider tire: