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Are unicycles like boats?

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    Originally posted by Piece Maker View Post
    If I didn't ride my G29 in the rain I wouldn't ride it at all. Just keep it greased and lubed and it'll be fine I think
    Good to know because some of my favorite rides are in the rain, next to sun


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      My freestyle doesn't have a name but my racing 24" is angry red. I can never seem to get it to go as fast as I want it to


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        Originally posted by ScaredOldKid View Post
        Since everyone is having fun swimming with their unis I'd like to know how you deal with water in the hub/bearings?
        Wait until they sound crusty, then buy new ones.
        Originally posted by Garagedude View Post
        I'm about to buy my first unicycle and it will be "garagedude"
        I think the naming of your second unicycle will be a little harder.
        Originally posted by UPD View Post
        I did saltwater beach riding with the 36", I got wiped out by the waves a couple of times, it floated. Not good for the hub flanges and spokes, as I found out.
        Yes, salt water can be mean to lots of things. I remember reading that it's a good idea to at least rinse down with fresh water after exposing your uni (or bike or camera) to the salt.
        John Foss

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