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    The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review - April 10, 1902
    Court Edwards a trick rider, of California proposes to ride a unicycle trick wheel from Fresno to San Francisco. The distance is something like 200 miles, over some pretty tough roads. The ride will certainly prove an endurance run for man, wheel and tire.

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    More details coming soon.


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      Originally posted by Vertigo View Post
      More details coming soon.
      Can't wait, seems a cool story!


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          Let's back up the story a bit ...

          The Topeka State JournalSept 18, 1895
          A Topeka Globe Trotter
          Court Edwards Will Go to California on His Bicycle
          To the Sporting Editor State Journal:
          I will start for Fresno, California by wheel, on the morning of the 23rd, Monday. I will go from here to Kanapolis, where I will meet Mr. J.O. Snider, of Huntington, Va, and from there we will ride together. Mr. Snider is a man of about 30 or 35. He rode from Huntington, West Va., to Wichita, and seems to be a good rider.

          I am 19 years old and have been working for Wm. Taylor, the bicycle man, for three years, and understand the bicycles very well. I belong to the L.A.W.,T.A.A., and T.A.S.W.

          I will go from her to Denver by following the Union Pacific R.R. and then to Cheyenne, and then to Ogden, Utah, then to Salt Lake for a visit, and then back to Ogden and down through Nevada, and to Sacramento, Cal. I will then visit San Francisco and stop at Fresno for the winter. In the spring I will go to San Diego, Cal., to take a position in a bicycle store.

          At a rough guess we think it will take us 30 or 35 days to make the trip.
          Court P. Edwards.


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            The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno - March 31, 1936
            (Couldn't see the whole story. Think this is a reprint or "what happened in ...")
            Court P. Edwards, 19, arrived in Fresno on a bicycle after a 2,335- mile ride from Topeka, Kan. He settled here.


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              Holbrook ArgusDecember 15, 1900


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                The Topeka State JournalFeb. 6 1902
                Edwards on the Stage
                Topeka Man Startles California People With Bicycle Tricks
                The following is from the Fresno California, Evening Democrat and refers to Court Edwards who was better known to the cycling fraternity of Topeka a half dozen years ago as “Skinny.” He was employed at Taylor’s bicycle store. He rode to California on his bicycle from Topeka. The Democrat says:

                It is generally admitted that to be appreciated at home one must win plaudits abroad and the bicycle trick riding of Court Edwards furnishes another demonstration of the fact.

                Edwards has been corresponding with the manager of the Orpheum vaudeville circuit and has secured an engagement for the first of June. In his letter asking for a position in the company Edwards outlined the tricks he proposed to perform and the booking agent for the company replied that he had four sensations which have never been shown anywhere in the world. Edwards also inclosed in his letter newspaper clippings, and the manager of the Orpheum stated that if he could perform half the tricks accredited to him by the papers he might have an engagement at any time.

                He performs all the tricks with which he has been accustomed to entertain the crowds on the streets, and plays the cornet at the same time. He has had a set of steps made down which he rides on the unicycle on his hands. That is he works the pedals of the unicycle with his hands and rests his chest on the saddle, his feet in the air. On the ordinary bicycle he not only rides downstairs, but upstairs as well. He performs a neat trick which he has never shown on the street, by means of the unicycle and an ordinary table. He straps his feet to the pedals of the unicycle, and riding directly against the table, places his head upon it and turns over it, machine and all, and dropping to the floor on the opposite side, rides away without having touched his hands. But these are not his sensations.

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                  The San Francisco Call - April 26, 1902
                  Wonderous will be the features at the Elk Circus
                  ... Among the local performers who will do straight turns, Court Edwards, the trick cyclist, undoubtedly will be the most popular. He performs feats which, it is asserted, no other living cyclist has ever attempted.


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                    The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review - April 10, 1902
                    Court Edwards a trick rider, of California proposes to ride a unicycle trick wheel from Fresno to San Francisco. The distance is something like 200 miles, over some pretty tough roads. The ride will certainly prove an endurance run for man, wheel and tire.

                    The Clarence and Richmond Examiner - August 9, 1902
                    He Rode a Unicycle 210 Miles.
                    Bicycle two, unicycle one: and it is a unicycle that is ridden by Court Edwards, a famous trick cyclist of the world over the sea. The other day he rode his unicycle 210 miles, occupying about four and a half days, and a paper at his destination having been notified of his intended arrival. He rode straight into the open door, and started to be interviewed Part of this extraordinary trip was done on good roads, but the Wonderful feature of it is that part of it was over rough ones, and a good many miles through nothing better than soft sand. Edwards took a camera with him, and took photos with it, but it was a paper man who photoed him on his machine, and another paper man who drew him from this photo as in the sketch.

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                      The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review - April 17, 1909
                      To Cross Continent On Unicycle


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                        San Francisco Chronicle - June 2, 1909
                        Will Cross Country Riding a Unicycle


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                          The San Francisco Call - June 4, 1909The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review - June 12, 1909
                          Unicycle Transcontinentalist StartsWashington HeraldJune 27, 1909
                          Court Edwards, of San Francisco, started last week to ride on a unicycle from San Francisco to New York. His wheel weighs thirty pounds and is thirty inches in diameter with cement tires.


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                            I couldn't find more about the ride but will keep on searching.

                            The Hawaiian StarAugust 11, 1910
                            Motorist Make Fast Times – August 1
                            … Court Edwards gives trick riding exhibition [in San Jose]

                            Los Angeles HeraldAug 10, 1910
                            Divorce Suits Filed
                            Jeanie Edwards against Court P. Edwards
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                              The Day Book - Sep 9, 1912
                              Court Edwards, 38, 2209 Prairie ave., fell from his motorcycle at Riverview Motordome. May die.

                              Chicago Tribune - Sept 10, 1912
                              Cyclist Dashed To Death
                              Hurtled 40 Feet in Air at Riverview Park Motordome.
                              Bride Sees The Tragedy
                              Two Riders Collide, Rear-On, at 73 Miles an Hour Speed
                              Motorcycle Illustrated - October 3, 1912
                              Edwards On His Unicycle
                              The unusual photograph reproduced herewith shows Court Edwards on his unicycle at the Riverview Motordrome in Chicago. The picture was taken only a few days before the accident which resulted in the death of Edwards, and by a peculiar coincidence it shows the exact spot where he collided with another rider while driving his racing machine at top speed. Edwards was a plucky rider, always willing to take a sporting chance, and a favorite with the spectators and his fellow speedster. The photograph was taken by H.P. Cook of Chicago, a racing enthusiast.