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100km. Tips, suggestions, heeeeeelp!!!!

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  • 100km. Tips, suggestions, heeeeeelp!!!!

    Hi there. After doing 7 marathons I'm planning to do the 100km race at unicon seoul.

    Does anybody has tips on how to finish that?

    1. Do you stop a few times during the race for resting or eating?
    2. Shorter or longer cranks?
    3. What was your time?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I think this will be only the second time a 100km race is offered at Unicon. I did not race in the first one.
    Originally posted by cafi
    Does anybody has tips on how to finish that?
    As quickly as possible, I guess. With style, if possible!

    Stopping during the race?
    As little as possible. Any stopping should be focused on getting your circulation back, stretching and otherwise refreshing yourself for more pedaling. I imagine the elite riders do it non-stop.

    Crank size?
    Depends on the course. If our hosts have a course finalized, I hope they can share as much detail about it as possible. The less change there is in elevation, the shorter you can go. At Unicon XIV (Denmark) I used 102mm cranks on a 36" and it was probably the best size for me (though I was trying to find 110s for my borrowed uni). The course didn't have much ups and downs, but some. I have no idea about the topography of the Seoul area.

    As we work on finding out more about the course, you can start by just dialing in your unicycle and putting in lots of long rides.
    John Foss

    "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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      Shoes with stiff, non flex, grippy soles, will enable a much more efficient transfer of power onto the pedals and will help prevent sore feet which is often caused by over flexing the foot muscles.

      Hope this helps