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Foss 36 inch inner tube

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  • Foss 36 inch inner tube

    Hi, I have a nimbus oracle 36er. Every couple of months the tyre goes slightly flat. I have just taken tube out, can't find an air leak anywhere???
    I have just tried to put a brand new, standard black rubber tube in, bought from but the valve stem does not fit through rim. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Many thanks for any feedback 😁

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    The Foss tube is far nicer to ride than a standard rubber tube, but it does let air through over a period of time. You just need to top it up from time to time.
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      Yep, foss tubes need filling more often than rubber ones. It's an annoyance but then the weight difference between the 2 types in a 36er is distinctly noticeable while riding...


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        Hello there, my 36" foss tubes leaked from the very beginning.

        It tooks me several attempts to find the problem, it was a leak where the valve stem is inserted in the tube..

        My 2 cents is to use a 29 standard tube, same weight as the Foss, zero maintenaince, zero problem, zero leaks.


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            Experienced the same thing. Just recently switched, noticed I was having a harder time with a known ride. Didn't think anything of it. Next time I noticed how low I was and remembered having heard about foss tubes having a slow leak. Filled it back up and everything was back to normal.