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    If one happens to get into a discussion about the correctness of cycles on roads, it may be useful to point out that it was bicycle groups that were largely responsible for bringing good paved road surfaces into common use, well before automobiles came along. (ref.: I think a lot of automobile drivers think cars brought us good roads, but they are incorrect. (In the USA, anyway, not sure about other places in the world.)
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      Not in the UK either

      and of course we get the same old shit - see the responses to this posting from the POLICE about a road safety initiative for cyclists:
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        Originally posted by treemonsterx View Post
        I guess I'm lucky I got knocked off without my leg getting messed up. Just putting this out here to remind y'all to be be careful out there.
        I'm sorry to hear about this 'hit and run', but I'm very happy you are doing okay. The driver was clearly wrong and should have stopped.
        Thanks for sharing this story. It's a good reminder to all of us. Whether we are driving, riding or walking, the key to safety is 'paying attention'. However, what do we do when others don't. I still like riding on the street, but I run the risk when others don't pay attention or don't care of enough. Heck (yes, I said, "Heck,") I even stand further back from the curb when I'm a pedestrian and I'm waiting for the light to change.
        My driving skills improved when I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Everything and everyone became hazard and I started to assume that most people were not paying attention. Your unicycle repairs, although a pain, will be a lot less painful than the injuries you did not incur.

        To all, be well, stay alert and ride another day.
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