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Mini-Fat: anyone riding a Specialized GC 20x4?

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    Honestly hadn't even thought about drilling the rim out to lighten it... (psst. it's for sale if anyone want's to take that upon themselves )
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      So, has anyone built a uni and ridden with this tire yet?
      "Accidentally" got my lbs to order one for me yesterday
      Today I ordered a single wall 60mm inner width rim and a Kris Holm Spirit hub for this little project. This is also going to be my first frame with machined bearing clamps!
      There shouldn't be problems with 100mm hub and 20x4 tire, right? At least 26"/80mm rim with 4.7" tire has been great fun with a regular width hub. It feels way more natural than a 125mm hub with fat tire. Somehow my knees end up further away from the tire with a narrower hub..


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        I think you would be fine with a 100mm hub, as long as your frame has clearance for 4". As mentioned earlier in this thread, Flansberrium and Surly Conundrum both
        used 100mm bearing pitch with no problems (others might have more input). You fabricate your own frames, yeah? I'd be interested in seeing your progress and your bearing holders! I don't have any experience with this tire in particular, but none of Specialized tires have been a real turn-off. I think, even for a kids bike marketed tire, it probably is spec'd pretty good.
        Originally posted by HKiviniemi View Post
        Somehow my knees end up further away from the tire with a narrower hub..
        Here is a good image from issi pedals that shows why pretty well:


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          Looks like this is the same as the club(UK) version.


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            Oh, that is good to know. I somehow missed that they used 100mm too.

            Yes, I have made multiple steel frames (latest one in freewheeling topic) and I'm going to use steel for this one too. I have also made some fiberglass prototypes (going for carbon fiber when I get inspiration for that). But after trying alloy frames I have realized that frame weight is really insignificant for my unicycling. Weight of the wheel affects handling a lot more..

            And about this tire. Only thing that I'm worried about is that it is 72tpi. But thread pattern seems promising, so I decided to try this one and see how it feels.

            When I first started to think about a unicycle that I could easily carry when hiking (and ride some interesting sections) with my non uni'ing friends, Veetire Mission Command (20x4.0, 120tpi) was a strong choice in my mind. Then I realized how slippery that tire looks in pictures. I may still buy that one at some point to see if it is.
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              M41 has recently released a 20x4 muni with brake...
              Sounds like a fun toy


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                Finally!! Yesterday my lbs called and told me that they got the tire now! I have had other parts for this project for ages now so I got straight into building the wheel yesterday evening (got nipples from lbs too because my spokes were missing them..).

                One thing to note when ordering rims from Classic Cycle is that their erd measurement has spoke hole offset taken into account already. I guessed the offset for my calculations when ordering spokes and they were just a little too short to use with 3 cross lacing. That's why this wheel is laced 2 cross now.

                I bought a regular 20" tube for testing purposes today. No tubeless yet because I had just ran out of tubeless sealant and I have ordered more already. Seems to work very well. Tire is a little thinner where the valve is but at least I didn't notice that when riding in snow.

                Frame that I used for testing is the one I normally use for freewheeling. I will build a properly fitting frame when I have time. 29x3 tire looks huge when compared to 20x4!

                I will report when I get more riding done with this thing or something new happens to it. Has anyone else ridden this tire in snow? I'm not sure if I'm dreaming but it felt really good and grippy to me.

                Pictures here: (tell me if that link doesn't work)


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                  Originally posted by HKiviniemi View Post
                  Pictures here: (tell me if that link doesn't work)
                  Injecting some pics out of the album to show how worthy it is to click this link
                  Attached Files
                  => CrMo 29: KH XC rim, Nimbus CrMo hub, Spirit 110/137 & Schwalbe Big One
                  => Flansberrium 26: Nextie rim, JumboJim 4.0, Spirit 127/150mm, M4O ISIS


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                    That looks like loads of bouncy fun.

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