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Seeking geared unicycle prototype demonstrater/collaborator for startup company.

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    It's likely that wires would work fine for this application as there's always a part of a geared hub which is fixed to the frame and you could have all of this shifter mechanism attached to that with wires feeding in direct from the frame. Particularly if using a solenoid type mechanism where the moving part floats free, so could be attached to a different part of the hub.

    BTW, not that I'm sure how it's relevant, but I'd be confident that the motors used in shifters on bikes use the same technology as servos - though they will be completely custom rather than off the shelf. All that effectively means is that there's an integrated sensor feeding back the position and the motor is powered until it reaches the correct position.
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      Originally posted by Superbant View Post
      I thought it was called a solenoid, but I didn't want to be wrong and sound dumb.
      A solenoid is a different thing from a stepper motor or a servo. It could be any of those things inside. I've got no clue, and couldn't find any tear-down pictures to even guess from. Those two terms were the ones I saw in the product announcements and reviews. Do you know? The cycle component makers probably have actuators custom made for them, and they could well be some sort of not-fish-nor-fowl hybrid device.

      Edit: Replied before I saw aracer's comments at the top of this page. Agree about custom made and also about some kind of integrated encoder.
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        Originally posted by LargeEddie View Post
        A solenoid is a different thing from a stepper motor or a servo. It could be any of those things inside.
        Inside a bike electronic shifter? As I wrote before, I'm not sure of the relevance - for shifting a Schlumpf a solenoid would be ideal as one of those works well for shifting something between two positions. Not so good for multiple steps.
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          Originally posted by UnimakerX View Post
          Looking for a unicyclist who isn't tied down working 2 jobs like I am. I am looking for someone who is 18 or older to ride and demonstrate single speed geared unicycles in 2018. This will involve travel from time to time and of course all travel will be accomadated; there will be pay as well. Now I will tell you more about the unicycle I am building. This particular design has already been done but you can't just buy it from any unicycle manufacturer yet, you would have to have it custom made and that would cost over $2000 a piece if not more. But if it was made in a semi-mass quantity then prices could be much cheaper. I know there is already the Schlumpf hub, but not every rider has $1750 for a top of the line unicycle hub. Currently I am collaborating with Tommy from the unicycle factory and another company called Mclellen engineering (stuff later on). My goal to be making a geared unicycle prototype by the end of 2017 at the latest. The first prototypes won't be dual speed like the schlumpf hub, but it will have interchangeable gearing ratios, meaning you can gear it higher or lower if you want. I am also thinking of building titanium frames along with standard steel frames. Anyways if any of you guys or gals are interested in riding or collaborating with me than contact me on here or on email: if you want it I can inbox you my cell phone number. I already have a company name but will be open to suggestions. I hope to hear from someone sooner or later

          More about me (if you want to know):

          Male of 27. I live somewhere in Southeast Michigan. Been unicycle riding since 19. I came up with an ideal with dual chains only to find out I am not the first with the ideal, although i still plan to make it affordable and available for most unicyclist. I have a special interest in Mountain Unicycling, especially downhill style unicycling, which I think gears and brakes would be the perfect combination for downhill unicycling. I hope getting this unicycle design out there will help all types of unicyclist who have wanted a geared unicycle but couldn't afford one previously

          This is about the unicycles and not me however.
          Can we see the prototype?


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            Originally posted by UnimakerX View Post
            I wish I could find out what all the geared bicycle hub companies are doing to figure out how they are cramming up to if not more than 14 speeds. I assume planetary gears are involved of course though.

            None of the geared hub companies are really willing to share with me even if I am not going to be competition, I mean funny thing with Nuvinci is I didn't ask them to invest a penny into the project but yeah they turned me that is not going to work.
            Search for geared hub patents and modify as needed.
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