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PSA: Just got a Koxx One Green Spirit from Walmart.

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  • PSA: Just got a Koxx One Green Spirit from Walmart.

    Came looking run over or semi crushed by hydraulic press with a Kodak Photo glued to the box picturing a green Fluo.

    I opened it in store and everything looked OK, but to be sure I opened the frame and voila low and behold it was aluminium and white!

    To try your luck I bought it here: and choose the only option, green.

    It's my first cycle after playing on my late cousins 24" sun and I love it so much already.

    First day playing around:

    Hope others in need get a lucky one too! (even if not it's a 90 day return policy and with ship to store you can deny it then and there)
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    It's now out of stock, so you probably got the last one, as I think Koxx went out of business, and weren't ISIS cranks from Koxx designed to be incompatible with all other brands?

    This might be a concern later if you damage your cranks, or if you want to experiment with shorter ones, but otherwise you got an excellent unicycle for the price. Enjoy!


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      It is still available, you have to click the green color option (i haven't found a way to link to it)

      How do I check if it's ISIS compatible?


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        I think it was just older K1 cranks that had compatibility issues. I have a set of K1 cranks that looks just like the ones in the photo, and I'm using them on a Nimbus hub with no problems.


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          Great find, icerc! Yes, the company is out of business, and those will be new-old-stock closeouts (so very little choice of color, etc), but a great deal when you can find one at a good price. Unless it's an early model (not likely), the cranks will be ISIS. I also have a set of cranks just like those, and they're ISIS. (And they're pretty old cranks.)
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            I won the same raffle from last year. See:



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              Oh sweet pwest! Same Kodak photo and everything. I wonder if ours are made in France? Did you ever see if ISIS hubs fit?


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                I lost the raffle and have received the one you paid for when I purchased a Green Spirit.


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                  Wow, great find! In wonder if the damage to the OP's box happened during shipping to his house, or if it already had a bunch of wear & tear after a life of being liquidated, possibly several times, and re-shipped?

                  The early Koxx unis were "mostly" ISIS. That is, they were kind of a relaxed version of the spec, which was less precise than most and therefore didn't necessarily fit with other ISIS products.

                  Were the Koxx's actually manufactured in France? I don't know. French company, but most of that stuff comes from Asia...
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                    Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
                    Were the Koxx's actually manufactured in France? I don't know. French company, but most of that stuff comes from Asia...
                    Great find!
                    Like all cycling stuff, those were made in Taiwan.


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                      I believe some are. Obviously the cheaper steel frames are made in Taiwan but according to one post i found they have made them in France.

                      " They're made in France (I visited their factory/warehouse in the French Alps)"


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                        Thanks, I thought only their trial b**es were made in France, learning new stuff all the time!


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                          /Just got another one from to see what would come and It's a White Russian leather seat with plastic pedals and the Green spirit alloy frame and tough wheel.

                          So if anyone wants a good cheap trials I still recommend site to store shipping.


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                            I need a tire for my equinox and was going to get another Cyko Lite but I have heard good things about the Maxis creepy crawler on here and this is a good price I believe.



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                              Originally posted by DaUniGuy View Post
                              Nice find, DaUniGuy! Btw, the same price is on eBay and Amazon if you prefer those marketplaces because it's the same seller (Xtreme Bike & Sport):


                              Seems like I've bought from them before although the names tend to be similar and it's hard to keep track after a while.