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Gag Bike - Bicycle that falls apart and converts to a unicycle

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  • Gag Bike - Bicycle that falls apart and converts to a unicycle

    Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone knew or even had plans (or a link to plans I could purchase) to make 'The Gag Bike' its on Paul Andersons 'How to Ride a Unicycle' youtube clip (see link:

    My dad is happy to make the bike but is not sure on the best method of releasing the parts (ie: seat, handlebars and wheel).
    Quick release buttons etc.
    If anyone has any ideas on this that would be greatly appreciated, ideally i would like to ride along and the handlebars come off while riding.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not short, I'm just really far away.


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      It looks like the pieces are not secured together so I don't think you have to unlatch them with any kind of mechanism. I'm no expert on this but it looks like the parts have a passive fit and gravity holds them together.
      I have the Midas touch.
      Everything I touch turns into a muffler.


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        Yeah it didnt look like he pulled any clip, i thought he might have pressed a button like the ones on a scooters handlebars that adjust the height, but couldnt be sure. I've seen some comedy artistic bikes on youtube and they must have a release system but not sure what it is, as they do tricks on them so I'm guessing you would need them locked in place.
        Thanks for your response though.


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          If anyone else has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.


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            Very cool idea! Depending on what tools you have available You could potentially solve this by using a spline connection on the handlebar and steer tube. I'd recommend a low tooth count spline to reduce friction and a bottom out feature so the spline is just transferring rotation and is not press-fitting the 2 parts together so that you can easily pull the 2 components apart.

            You can look for a common broach and spline tool for 1-1/8" steer tubes.


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              Thanks 'Teal' I'll look into the spline connection, sounds like that could work.

              The bike is for a new show I'm making, even though my main skill is unicycling I wanted to make it slightly different to my other show, I'll still end up turning it into a unicycle at some stage but it wont be obvious its a unicycle to begin with, which I kind like, plus you can get a lot of comedy out of a bike falling apart.