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    Speed Barriers

    Originally posted by Justin LE View Post
    So far it's generated a lot of interest at Unicon but nobody has broken 40kph yet, I'm still working to convince the skilled riders to put some more faith in my engineering here
    So I used it on the 10km street race early in the event, but since it was wet and raining outside and this was the first real ride for me on it in Spain it took a good 4-5 minutes on the course before I really got comfortable. I finished the 10K in exactly 22 minutes, so not nearly as fast as the top riders who were right around the 20 minute mark. And my top speed was 36.3 kph, so still a ways from 40.
    Click image for larger version

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    Martin who won the 10K race by a huge margin also gave a spin on the geared electric unicycle after the uphill event, but I think he was more interested in playing around with the assist and regen levels than breaking any speed barriers, or he didn't want to have a nasty crash before the final competetions had all wrapped up.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Martin Climbing.jpg
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    I took it to the track and field oval hoping that this might be the right spot to find someone with the balls and protective gear to crack 40kph, and Josselin proved a willing participant
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    And he came soo close repeatedly hitting 38 kph on the straight segments of the oval, but it wasn't getting any faster than this.
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    Then at last I caught up with Scott Wilton at the unicon village on my last day there. Scott had tested the first prototype non geared electric unicycle at the 2010 muni weekend in Vancouver, is pretty much fearless of speed on 1 wheel, and I was hoping would find this one a comfortable fit to push to its limits.
    Click image for larger version

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    He disappeared up the road beside the stadium, came flying back a couple minutes later, and smashed my best expectations, getting 45.2 kph (28mph) on the flat run while also dodging people mingling on the street.
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    Yipee! Hats off to you Scott
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      That's crazy! Would love to ride that someday


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        Oh Scott.... no pads but your helmet... God bless the fearless. Nice riding, as always.


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          Road Touring

          Anyways for me the main personal use and goal for this unicycle is not speed records so much as having the ability to cover distances and commutes that I normally otherwise wouldn't have considered.

          Where we were staying in San Sebastian there was what looked on the maps like a nice ride westwards with some good elevation climb to the town of Orio, which made for a ~40km return trip going from sea level to 1150 feet each way along a ridgeline overlooking the water.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Orio Route Map.jpg
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          Corbin was game for this ride so we did it together with him on the Schlumpf 36. Of course I had a big advantage on the uphill climbs but on the flats we were pretty well matched for speed, while going downhill I tended to keep in the <30kph comfort zone generating 300-400 watts of power into the battery via regenerative braking, while Corbin would fly forwards at 40+ kph.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	With Corbin on Camino Climb.jpg
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          Most of the ride was on nice country roads but on the return we ventured up what looked like an alternate crudely paved path that became a section of the Camino de Santiago hiking trail, where rideable sections were few and far between.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	More Camino Trail.jpg
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          Corbin shot some video footage and uploaded it here:

          The total regen stats were pretty good, but part of that is because we hiked rather than rode up most of the elevation gain on the return trip when were were on the Camino trail. Had we taken the roads it would have been more like ~30% regen.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	43 Percent Regen.jpg
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          One other detail that I found interesting is that the human watt-hours and electrical watt-hours have almost always matched up nearly exactly 1:1 every time I've taken this unicycle for a ride. It's the same riding on the flats in the city or going on this long tour with plenty of up and down. At the end of the trip, half the energy came from my legs and half from the battery, and that's a ratio I'm pretty happy about.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Watt Hours Compared.jpg
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            What's the total weight?
            Happy Birthday Terry! Every year you get cooler, younger and unicyclier!
            Be our muniprohpet for many years more.
            -Dani Buron



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              Thanks Terry for revising this thread. I missed the Unicon updates.
              The uni weights like several unis but still it rides nicely. The feeling at the beginning is bit like starting in high gear on Schlumpf, but then when you add the assist it rides so well. I tried it only for a little while and corners were troublesome for me, but I guess it's something you can get used to.
              Thanks Justin for the opportunity to try such a cosmic uni (even if this one looks so much casual than the machine you had in Montreal).
              And whoa Scott, you are fearless!
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