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  • Quick Introduction and NAUCC Question

    Hi all! Just a quick note to say hello and introduce myself a bit, and a question.

    I’m from Denver, Colorado (any other Denver folks out there?), and have been riding off and on for quite a while; learning as a kid on an old Schwinn, then moving on to a Savage or two in my teens, then a Torker a couple years ago to get back into the sport. I’ll soon be receiving a Nimbus Eclipse thanks to Paul at UDC UK, who has been incredibly patient and thorough in answering all my questions.

    Thinking it might be fun to take the family on a road trip to the NAUCC in South Dakota this year, but am not sure what to expect—a search on the forums here doesn’t bring up any mention of this year’s convention. Is anyone going? Are they typically fairly well attended and good for a short vacation?

    Happy to be part of the community!


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    NAUCCs are a lot of fun. I can't recall how many people I saw on the Registration Page, but there were over well over 100 total (that's probably much lower that the actual).

    It is definitely worth going to. I always come away a better unicyclist than when I arrived.

    And, did I mention they're FUN?!!

    If you go, sign up for as much as you can ride. Don't be scared of not being an "Expert" in a particular event as there are a lot of people out competing with themselves for PRs as well. Definitely do Cyclocross.

    There will be people there this year. We will have a blast.

    There hasn't been a whole lot of information about this year's convention out there as it is a Unicon year and many have to choose between Black Hills and Spain.

    Just because there isn't a lot of info available, doesn't mean it won't be a great event!
    dave krack


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      I went to NAUCC last year in Madison, Wisconsin and in Minnesota in 2014. I bet there were 300 riders registered, plus assorted family and friends. I would assume they'll have a similar crowd this year. Big groups from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Washington show up. Many have been going for years and know each other well. Some events are easy to watch, like freestyle in a gym, flatland in a tennis court, track events on a... track. Some are almost impossible to watch. You can stand at the finish line for muni or 10k race, but most of the race is off in the woods or down the road.
      I'm amazed at how little overlap I see between "uni forum" crowd and "NAUCC and uni club" crowd. Please forgive the following very broad over-generalizations. The forum is full of people just discovering riding, and are gushing about new discoveries. Clubbers have been riding for years, and have grown tired of the same conversations over and over, and don't check in very often. Maybe they're all on Facebook; I'm not.

      Bottom line: Go to NAUCC at least once. Lots of amazing riders and friendly folks. Don't expect much conversation about it in the forum.


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        I definitely recommend Rapid City for NAUCC. They hosted it their first time in 2008 (this is their second), and we had a blast. It's a great area for a family vacation separate from NAUCC also, with close proximity to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devil's Tower, Deadwood, Wind Cave and plenty of other great stuff. The hotels tend to have indoor pools with water slides.

        Like others mentioned, sign up for anything you think you can actually do, you'll have fun doing it. Most events are designed for maximum participation, which means the vast majority of entrants aren't expecting to win. Plus there are usually lots of age groups, and many opportunities to pick up a medal or something.

        Try things. Talk to people. Get involved and help out. It's all part of the spirit of the big uni conventions! And yes, there used to be more NAUCC talk here, but I think a lot of it has moved to Facebook or other social media places, plus the big clubs communicate a lot within their own groups, so not necessarily as much outwardly.

        Anyway, I highly, highly recommend NAUCC 2016. My wife and I would be there if we could fit it in with Spain and some other trips going on, but it's probably just too much this year.
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          Hi David! Denver has quite a few riders. If you're on Facebook you can join "Colorado Front Range Unicyclists" or look us up on (same name). Almost all of us are muni riders but last year a few people met every now and then to work on skills. A few of us are going to ride the Starlight Spectacular in the Springs in June. It's a midnight ride, tons of bikes, a couple unis, lots of fun. Hope to see you around!

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            Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
            Like others mentioned, sign up for anything you think you can actually do, you'll have fun doing it.
            This will be my third and I agree, enter and try as much as you can. That’s what I did the 1st year. What I look forward to the most is the clinics. They do not have any on the schedule yet but I am sure they will have some as the time gets closer. This is the only time each year I ride with other unicyclist. Last year I was more selective about what I wanted to do as far as competitions and played tourist a little more. Spent 3 days in the middle of the week up in Door County terrorizing all the little resort town Bars on My 19” Equinox. Had a blast.

            This year will be more of the same for me. Heading up on the Saturday the 8th and home Friday the 18th Only going to compete in the Beginner trials and Muni events and attend some clinics. The Pub Crawl if they have one (missed last years). The rest of the time I plan on doing some riding around the area outside of the convention events. In the word of Crocidle DunDee go on “ride about” for a few days. Get kicked out of a few Pubs. There is supposed to be a trail around Mt Rushmore I think that would be cool. So look for DaUniGuy if you go and say hello.

            Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
            Anyway, I highly, highly recommend NAUCC 2016


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              Thanks for the insight and perspective, all! I think we're going to go for it.

              Kelli - I'll check out the group on meetup.

              I appreciate your responses.