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Maximum tyre width for 2002 KH29

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  • Maximum tyre width for 2002 KH29

    My kris holm 29er unicycle, is the model before the new 2015 (with disc brake) which I believe came out in 2012.

    What is the maximum tyre width you can fit onto a 2012 KH29?

    I got a 2.5" wide tyre on mine, not sure if I could go any wider. I'd like a 3", but I don't want to buy a new frame. Has anyone put a 3" tyre on a 2012 KH29? Thanks.
    MounTain Unicycle

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    Pictures would help. But I highly doubt a 3" tire would fit in a 2012. That was a reason of the upgrade of the new KH.
    Jakob F.


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      My 07 KH29 and 09 KH36 frames both have 82mm between the legs near the crown. Your 2012 KH29 is likely similar.

      I like to have 5mm of clearance on each side to prevent rubbing. (you can go less if you don't mind the occasional rubbage)

      82mm -5 -5 = 72mm => 2.8"

      A "skinny" 3" like a 26x3 durro *might* fit but the new 29x3 tires likely won't.
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