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    Used a weak little 250 lumen helmet light for the Lights Under Louisville last Christmas and vowed about a mile again "never again". Got a couple of 900 lumen MagicShine cheap ($40) cree lights. I put one on my helmet and one on my handlebars. 1800 lumens made a night and day difference this year. The kids got along fine on their bicycles both years with simple flashlights zip tied to the handlebars which tells me it's more important for us unicyclists to actually see the bumps we are about to hit.

    My favorite 3 MTB trails are in parks that close at night so I don't get a chance at much nighttime mUni unless I get caught out in it but I do a fair bit of Cokering asphalt at night.
    My greatest fear is that, when I die, my wife will sell all my unicycles for what I told her they cost.


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      So Much Fun At Night!

      My new set up KH 36 bare aluminum, non painted, polished up real nicely! 4lbs lighter than my Nightrider with handlebar and heavy Coker offroad tire. Darn , so light and nimble it almost feels like Im riding the 29er. My first ride on the 125s at night, next ride I should be able switch to the 110s without a problem 20151228_184116_opt.jpg
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