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    Originally posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
    • Many riders have congregated to the FaceBook page.
    • The forum has become dominated by middle aged men whom still type on a full-sized computer keyboard.
    • GoPro cameras are now ubiquitous; if you didn't get it on the GoPro, it didn't happen. Terrabytes of boring videos proliferate.
    • The quality gap closed between KH and other brands; KH fan boys still genuflect to the KH logo.
    • More people are adopting handles into their riding styles.
    This is brilliantly accurate.


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      Originally posted by UPD View Post
      Brianna always brighten up this place, literally


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        Well, after that long gap, I took my trusty Pashley Muni on a weekend's camping trip this weekend as I knew I'd have a nice flat field, good weather, and plenty of time to reacquaint myself to one wheel.

        And you know what? I felt like I'd never been off. First attempts to free-mount were a bit hit and miss, but apart from that I was very quickly riding just as I was years ago. And it felt good.

        I'd forgotten how tiring it was having to pedal all the time though. (I've spent a lot of tim on two wheels in the intervening years, including riding London to Paris twice. I'd forgotten just what a luxury free-wheeling is!)

        Still going forwards...