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Attempting 100 mile world record - 9 July 2015, UK

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    Originally posted by rob.northcott View Post
    Thanks Sam. Interesting - I haven't tried a bike saddle on a unicycle myself (never even got round to trying an extended handle on my 36er before I got rid of it), but I'd have guessed that the wide saddle front isn't needed if you've got handlebars to stop the uni slipping backwards - obviously that's not true in your experience.
    The main reason I found the bike seat thing didn't work was all the other parts of unicycling apart from the 'riding fast and smooth on the flat'. It was very tricky for mounting, riding with one or no hands (ie whenever you need to get something out of a pocket etc), riding slowly, riding up or down any amount of hill, riding on any amount of bumps...

    A track record situation would probably be the least-worst use for a bike saddle on a uni, but even then it is needed and nice to have the feeling of control when riding slower or mounting etc.


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      Originally posted by Rubberduck View Post
      Cool pic
      But I would recommend to go with a "normal" helmet. This thing is on such a long ride not that benefit full. Instead you should wear a thight shirt. This is much more "bad"...
      With 26km/h in average (if i am right!?) the aero helmet is more pain than gain...
      Thanks! I am not sure I understand why the helmet benefit would be less over a longer ride?

      26kph would be about 6:11; I'm hoping for 28kph or 5:45. These are very much hopeful guesses though. The current record is 23.9kph, so anything over that will be a bonus. I'm pretty sure there is enough wind resistance at these speeds to make reducing it by any amount worthwhile.

      It doesn't (hopefully) create any particular extra pain (though there seems to be a strangely noisy wind whoosh which I hear - which seems odd as it covers my ears snuggly. It might be a little less ventilated than a normal helmet, but I don't think it will make a huge difference.

      The shirt is actually about as tight as they come (short of being pasted on as the pros have, or a skinsuit without pockets which I'll need for water bottle, music etc.) and not really baggy at all (though it looks a bit bad in that photo).
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        Originally posted by Piece Maker View Post
        2-wheeled TT cyclists can hold these positions all race (and some are even more extreme!) so there's no reason it won't be possible. Just means you'd have to do a serious amount of stretch/yoga-type exercises to get your body into the grooove.
        I've ridden 100 miles on a bike in a far more extreme position than that - my bars are well below the saddle and I have a pretty much flat back. Though that was for a rather shorter time than Sam is aiming for, and more significantly riding a unicycle is much more involving - on my bike I can just relax in that position with a lot of weight on my arms. Whilst Sam has some weight on his arms, I find it hard to believe he has them fully weighted in the way you could with that position on a bike. Definitely going to be hard on the back - though not necessarily so bad on the neck I don't think. When I ride my TT bike (and especially the first time it comes out in the year) it is very hard on the neck muscles, but that's with a torso angled about 30 degrees further forwards than Sams, and hence the head flexed 30 degrees further back. Sam's position is still more upright than my normal road bike position which I never have neck problems with.

        As for the speed aero becomes important - well below the speed Sam is aiming for, I'd say probably from 10-12mph. At 15mph it's certainly significant, let alone the 16 or 17mph he's aiming for. This aero stuff will make a difference - you also need some aero shoe covers

        According to at 28kph you need 99W on aero bars, 161W on bartops (not quite comparable with Sam's positions, but it shows aero makes a significant difference).
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          Hmmm, I will be a little bit more traditional looking. Pointed helmets look silly... hmmm when I fail I will retract that statement. ;-)

          Anyways, I know I can do 17mph average for 1/4 of the distance (Dusseldorf). I only have to average 15.

          Been out testing the 89's and a new (old) saddle setup. I have also been to the physio to fix my back. So almost sorted.

          I have just had some great news, we have Ed Hawkes coming up to help officiate and film the attempt.

          Roger Davies
 in the UK
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            Only four days to go... whether or not we've done enough training, now it's time to take it easy and get the admin together.

            The weather forecast is now close enough that it is probably relevant, and it looks quite good. Cool (13-16C), overcast and not-too-strong wind (10mph NW, a sidewind - the straights of the track run SW-NE).


            Looking forward to it!


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              With the weather looking about as close to ideal as we could hope for, a batch of power-flapjack made (approx. 400kcal per piece) and now a Google Spreadsheet for publishing live results, we're about ready to go for tomorrow.

              On the spreadsheet there is a summary page with graph, and additional sheets showing the lap data for both Roger and me.

              Our witnesses will be recording a master record of lap times on paper and then this spreadsheet will be updated as often as possible by those also supporting us. Hopefully this will allow you to follow along in close-to-real-time.
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                This the big day

                I hope that you both succeed. The weather looks perfect. Have fun.
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                  It has started
                  5-minutes in, and the pace looks good with fresh legs.

                  Best of luck.
                  It's a nice calm sunny day up here where I am, 50-miles North.
                  I'm looking forward to seeing some coverage on the local TV news at 6pm tonight if possible.


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                    Good luck guys!
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                      Both riders going well.


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                          Roger took a fall shortly after finishing lap 28, about 1 hour and 56 minutes in, but he got right back up and did some very fast laps. The panel of "experts" put that down to adrenaline. Small amount of blood trickling from right knee but it doesn't seem to be phasing him.


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                            If anybody has write access to the spreadsheet, cell F10 in the summary sheet needs fixing - it's pointing to the speed of the last lap rather than the average speed of the attempt (replace K with G to fix).
                            Unicycling: great for your thighs.


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                              Thanks Aracer, we'll look into it.


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                                Currently around 3 hours in. Roger had to stop with cramp at around 2 hours 40 minutes. Unsure if he will continue.