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2014 CA Muni Weekend Oct 17-19 in Los Angeles & Orange County

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    If any of your have a vehicle and a non-rider that could shuttle riders to the top, please let me know. The shuttle company has a max amount of riders they can do so hoping we can find a few parents or friends that may be willing to do it. You will be reimbursed for your gas and time!

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      Only four days to go! I finally got clearance for the weekend, so leaving directly from work on Thursday for the drive down. I'll have a minivan full of unicycles and should be able to attend all scheduled events except the swimming at the end. Nice as that sounds, I'll be facing at least 7 hours of driving to get home and of course, work the next morning.

      Can't wait!
      John Foss

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        Looking forward to seeing and riding with you, John. And everyone else!
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          Right now we have 48 registered riders. I just sent an email to all of them so if you didn't get it and thought you were registered, let me know. You still can register online before Friday or on the day. Here is the email:

          To all the 48 Unicyclists,
          You are receiving this email because you have officially registered for the 2014 CA Muni Weekend. It starts this Friday so just wanted to say thanks to all of you for registering and wanted to give you more details about the weekend. A detailed description of each day is on the website,
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            Warm-up ride

            A few of us got a little over-eager for the Muni Weekend and rode around Malibu Creek State Park today. Conditions were perfect, this will be a great weekend for riding!
            Here are Ashley, Nancy, Matt, and Lance messing around at the old M.A.S.H. TV show filming site. (Bob with the camera, many thanks!) (Nothing fancy, but a fun ride!) (After that we also rode around the place where they filmed "Planet of the Apes.")
            "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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              Hello awesome people,
              I just want to thank every single person for attending the 2014 CA Muni Weekend. We had perfect weather and without all of you, it would have just been me on a very lonely trail. Even though it did take a bit more time to organize than I had originally thought, it was all worth it seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they were riding down. I met a lot of new people and I would do it all over again (and probably will sometime soon, but maybe on a smaller scale). And thank you for no one getting seriously injured!

              You should have received a separate email if you didn't pick up your shirt. If you didn't get that email and you didn't get your shirt, please let me know. There are a few spare shirts if anyone wants to buy them, let me know. They are $22 which includes postage. These are the sizes I have left: 3 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large and 1 XXL.

              I forgot to thank a few people at the dinner. My wife, Gigi, was a HUGE help in making this event happen. She made the entire website and even fixed it several times when I tried to edit things and messed it up. She also helped with making the certificates and keeping me motivated throughout the several weeks of organizing. I'd also like to thank Lance for taking the responsibility of being in charge of families hosting out of towners. I'd like to re-thank Chuck for the million shuttles he did, Colin for offering to help with whatever we needed, Eric for designing the shirts, Ashely for bringing the shirts down and of course all the people that donated to the raffle (Kris Holm, Bedford Unicycles,, Colin, John Foss, Joe, Noli & Eyal). I'm sure I probably forgot someone again so my apologies if it was you this time.

              I also forgot to congratulate four people who successfully climbed up Fargo St. I'm not going to blame anyone but there was a second sheet that someone didn't know was there so these people were missed. These four people were Jason Shirk, David Tate, Augie Tourdot & Josh Ward. These certificates and any other certificates or shirts that weren't picked up will be mailed to you. If you don't receive them within the next week please let me know.

              If you missed the dinner, here are all the certificates that were handed out:
              Successfully Climbed Fargo St With No Dismounts
              Jamey Mossengren (1st)
              Noli Ergas (2nd)
              Tom Holub (3rd)
              Tomas Nemecek
              Chris LaBonte
              Successfully Climbed Fargo With Dismounts
              John Foss
              Ashley Foster (The only lady!)
              Carl Hunt (On a coaster uni!)
              Bijan Khosraviani
              Tim Lovasen
              Paho Marsh
              Pete Richter
              Jason Shirk
              David Tate
              Augie Tourdot
              Josh Ward
              Best Attendance
              John Foss (Been to all CMW's except for two)
              Best Support
              Chuck Tourdot (Augie's dad)
              King of Fargo St
              Jamey Mossengren
              Best Crashes
              Noli Ergas
              Most Epic Rider
              Dennis D'Alfonso (Did some crazy stuff on Friday's G-Spot trail)
              Most Inspirational
              Lance Butterbaugh (Was in hospital a few years ago and told he might not walk again, and what does he do...learns to unicycle!)
              Worst Injury
              Nate Bernstein (Lots of blood on the hands and probably lots of bruises)
              Youngest Rider
              Augie Tourdot (14 years old and riding more stuff than most riders were including me)
              $2 Bill Challenges
              Can't remember everyone but I know Tom got the most at $8 worth...mainly for his incredible hill climbing.

              Links to photos and videos are posted down below. If you have some you haven't shared, please do so either on facebook, youtube, vimeo or any other social networks. I've attached a few of my favorites (the really good ones are taken by Tim Lovasen & one by Carl Hunt).

              Any money that was left over after paying expenses is going to be put towards buying beginner unicycles for the One Love Unicycle Club so we thank you for that. If you want to be included in the weekly newsletter please reply here and let me know so I can add you to the list. It is a good way to keep informed about news and upcoming events not only in CA but all around the world.

              Ride safe, have fun and don't forget to smile,
              Jamey & Gigi
              One Love Unicycle Club

              Facebook Event Page for CMW

              Facebook for One Love Unicycle Club (Jamey's Photos)
              Tom Holub's Photos

              Carl Hunt's Photos Day 1

              Carl Hunt's Photos Day 3

              Jarins Awesome Video
              Fargo St Hill Challenge
              Carl Hunt's Google Video

              One Love Unicycle Club (Coming to Denver soon...)


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                Originally posted by unicycle6869 View Post
                Successfully Climbed Fargo St With No Dismounts
                Jamey Mossengren (1st)
                Noli Ergas (2nd)
                Tom Holub (3rd)
                Hey, I beat Noli at the end. Going straight up has its advantages.

                Thanks for organizing, it was a blast!


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                  Sorry Tom. Yes you did power thru and passed him at the top. So it should be:
                  Jamey Mossengren (1st)
                  Tom Holub (2nd) (And straight up, no zigzagging)
                  Noli Ergas (3rd)

                  One Love Unicycle Club (Coming to Denver soon...)