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    The only beginner I've trained with this is ME! And yes, I guess you could use it to train going backwards...

    Something like this would be perfect for training groups...

    I guess that a PVC take-down model could be made. This thing is huge and I have to put it on my roof rack to take it anywhere.

    I don't know why no one has ever marketed a rolling trainer like this. A lighter, more compact one, could be used semi-permanently for those who are afraid of falling or for older folks. I'm thinking that you could have a stomach pad on an extension and push it around hands free with your stomach for short distances...

    That I might try...

    I had to exchage a caster (you get what you pay for at Harbor Freight) so I'll be trying it more over the next few days...

    It's fun and better than having a support only on one side as you roll... like using a wall or fence...


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      I love it. I also started back into unicycling after an almost 40 year break. I had been thinking about building a very similar trainer using conduit and a conduit bender. I planned to use large rollerblade style wheels on each leg, and was inclined to think they should not caster. Tough call on that.

      Initially I just grabbed the seat and handlebars of my bike as a poor-man's walker. That got me quickly back into riding - but I think I still might have to make it for learning to idle and ride backwards. Are you finding yours to be helpful? Do I need to make the wheels caster?



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        It's a cool device. What about using a supermarket trolley? They're widely available and usually only cost one coin...


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          Originally posted by siameez View Post
          I don't know why no one has ever marketed a rolling trainer like this. A lighter, more compact one, could be used semi-permanently for those who are afraid of falling or for older folks.
          JustOneWheel had something kind of like it, I don't think he sold any of them. I think it's probably not worth selling as they can easily be built by someone with a drill and a saw. (Or even just some cheap pvc pipe as you have mentioned.)


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            Awesome it's cool to see people getting into this wonderful sport! remember though to not rely on it to much, you need to relearn the balance so work on progressively taking you're weight off of that as you ride, and you will be back to riding like a pro in no time!
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              I'd been thinking about building a similar device from conduit for a while. I bought the conduit a few days ago and have most of the bending done. Pics to follow shortly. Don't know how it will work. Life is an experiment.


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                Personally, I think a really solid rail is better if you have access to one.
                It can't run away from you, and you can always grab it with both hands.

                Like this one.
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                  Originally posted by billtheturner View Post
                  Amazing! Good for you, that wood work good for riding backwards, and learning to hop, and riding out of the seat. Very Cool. I may make one for teaching new people. 5 star plus.
                  +1 on backwards & ww (wheel walking). The others would make the rig likely to tip over, could be solved by a removable brace at the back.
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                  What's next?


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                    I finished my trainer just now. Now to start working on riding backwards...
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                      #SPORK I LOVE your trainer! Looks really light and I like the wing-nut fasteners.

                      For me, I really like having the wheels caster - you can quickly center yourself in the rig right - to - left to regain balance and turning pivoting is easier when you can pivot the whole rig with you in the center.

                      Nice job!
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                        Thanks Siameez. I debated whether castering wheels would be better or worse. For some reason I thought it would be better to have them not caster. The unit is light enough to pick up and reposition easily, but with your experience maybe I'll go ahead and change mine to caster.


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                          I've used the rolling trainer now for the past couple of days. I think it's really helpful for learning to ride backwards and idle (we'll see). But I think you were right about castoring wheels. I don't think the non-castoring wheels are holding me back, but I can see where castoring wheels would be better.


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                            Originally posted by spork View Post
                            I finished my trainer just now. Now to start working on riding backwards...
                            Great work man! Looks really practical. Good luck in training progress!
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                              C'mon Spork, Ya really DONT need it..and honestly, it looks lamely terrible on you!

                              I will never be caught on that thing--or else how do I practice my falls..

                              Though, with that being said, it might be great for some hesitant beginners.


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                                My latest iteration.... This one is lighter and more nimble... I think I'd like to put smaller wheels as these 8" wheels have too large a swivel radius and smaller wheels would swivel in a shorter distance...
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